Wednesday, 14 January 2009

This Is Love, Whether it is Gandhi-ing or Hitler-ing.

There are no mistakes. Each way this apparently manifests is just as it should be. It seems what we label "evil" is the product of more and more separation. People engage in cruelty when they don't realise that we are each other. Hitler evidently needed a lot of therapy; he obviously felt very bad about himself. It would be safe to suppose his empathy levels were nil, and that he was a raving psychopath to whom others were useless objects. He pulled in a lot of others whose anti-social traits flourished in the environment of fear and megalomania. But what of it? What can be done? If nothing "bad" ever happens ever again, and the world is a "better" place, is that the answer? What was the question?

The answer is, it looks after itself. It is itself. Unconditional love is unconditional. What is, is accepted and loved. It is acceptance and love. It is a parable for another possibility. Any thought or action is just as it should be. This seems a big ask - accepting all, no matter what - and so it is, but there is no one who can either reject or accept. If there are fears, a deep sense of personal responsibility, an urge to right wrongs, there is nothing wrong with that either. Go to Africa. Feed the hungry. Raise awareness of injustice. Feel that "you" are making a positive contribution, that you're leaving the world a better place than you entered it. That is the story, it has nothing to do with absolute being, absolute being is not interested. The absolute encompasses it all. This is all there is; all there is, is this.

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