Wednesday, 21 January 2009

No One Wants To Hear This.

Oh the intricacies of "spiritual practice." The complicated plowing through the more abstract and esoteric parts of the story in order to "achieve awakening." This is it, Baby. It doesn't get any more available than already being everything! It seems madness, the constant reaffirmation of separation by carefully labeling, defining, refining and controlling our apparent thoughts, our apparent feelings, our neuroses and ego-walls and annoying habits. You don't have to reduce or dissolve the ego. It's Oneness, ego-ing. I am suspicious when anybody starts talking about "being enlightened" or "an awakened person". There is nobody that needs to be "awakened." There is no one. Of course it's all divine, these teachers and their "non-dualistic" teachings. It's the passionate, meaningless explosion of aliveness. Pointless, contradictory and wonderful. No one wants to hear that life is meaningless. No one wants to hear there is no personal responsibility, or need for forgiveness; there is no one to forgive. No one wants to devalue the apparent story in time, that seems to be happening to "me". No one wants to know that the personality they have seemed to invest so much time and effort into is just an illusion. No one wants that personality to die.

In fact, no one wants.

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