Tuesday, 13 January 2009

How Is It That Nothing Exists?

Well, exactly. Reality is nothingness. What we seem to experience is nothing being something. It makes no sense, nor can it. The mind is the tool of duality, of separation, of up and down and good and bad and them and us. The mind lets nothing see itself. Once in awhile the mind can get kind of close-ish to grasping nothingness. Nothing exists, there is nothing, pondered on a bit, can give an entertaining little revelation. Awe, fear, supplication, and immense gratitude can spring from the mind's fruitless attempt to understand what is not of the mind. The mind gives it labels; in this culture, the most common is God. I just read a quote from Richard Dawkins, who seems to take this whole story in time thing very, very seriously indeed. He said something to the effect that there is as much chance of there being a God as there is a tooth fairy. There is just as much chance of there being a Richard Dawkins. Oh, he seems real enough, I know. He'd be the first to tell you of his absolute reality, I'm sure. He'd scientifically prove his existence, no problem. Just try telling him he's a little bit of apparent energy, perceived as mass, in the play of beingness. "Get away from me, you new-age religious freak!" he'd doubtless shout.

Nothing changes, it is seen for what it is. Timeless being, passionate aliveness. It cannot be communicated with these useless, silly words. But it's sure fun trying!

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