Monday, 5 January 2009

Let's Talk About the Story.

There are monsters and angels in the story. These are allocated by the mind, whose function is to divide the one into the two - for the hell of it, for the heaven of it. For no reason at all. The mind resists its dethroning. And these monsters and angels are difficult to relinquish, for in losing the self we are it all, we are Hitler, the vilest murdering paedophile, the saintliest most selfless relief worker in the Sudan, all of it and none of it. In awareness compelling thoughts arise of ridding the supposed world of strife, but there is no balance in a strifeless world. Thoughts and deep longings to relieve suffering arise, and actions follow that seem to relieve it, but there is no one who suffers. We read books, look at the message in the film, seek the opinion of the clergy, always asking, what is it? How should I live my life? What is its purpose? How can I make it work? I regret all the wasted time. I have deep remorse for those I've hurt. What is the answer, the secret, the message, the key, the revelation? It is all unconditional acceptance and love, and unconditional acceptance and love unconditionally loves and accepts it all, it is it all. It cannot reject itself. There is order and beauty, there is chaos and revulsion, none of it is the preferred state. It is all the fascinating, thrilling, neverending story that happens not in time or space, but in stillness and eternity. It is both real and unreal, it is nothing being something. We are more than the story, the story that seems so compelling but is a dim reflective parable. So much, so much more.

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