Monday, 12 January 2009

In The Story In Time That Seems To Unfold...

There seems to be a lot of unconscious living. The thoughts that arise are, I am free, this is freedom, there is no one who needs to be free. In the story in time that seems to unfold, there is liberation. This character that seems to be me is celebrated. These things that seem to happen are involving, exciting, and it feels like a holiday. It pays not to talk about this awakening stuff. In the story in time that seems to unfold, it upsets people. Especially when I state that there is no personal responsibility, there is no one to have it. Personal responsibility can sometimes seem to arise, but it is the play of life, there is no one who has volition, there is no one. Who is it that would choose to be a criminal, or a saint? There is no one, so there is no choice. It unfolds, and most of the time, it's just happening. Or so it seems to be. There is no process, but in this process "I" am going through, there are fewer questions. There are no answers, so the questions are moot even as they arise. The character that is me rarely thinks so self-consciously about all this, but rather just pitches in there and has a go, even though there is no one who chooses to pitch in, or have a go. Before, I thought I was clueless, now cluelessness arises. The stuff beyond the mind, beyond understanding, in which the mind just takes its natural place of getting across the road without dying or helping my children with their homework, that stuff is behind it all, it encompasses it all, this apparent business of living. The simple beauty of it all is evident. Relief arises as the character that is me needs no point to it all. There isn't that despair, that relentless nagging feeling that I'm wasting time, that I should be doing something big or important or above all, worthy with my life. What can be labeled "worth" saturates each apparent atom of what seems to exist. Everything I thought my life was is lost; that tiny proscriptive box is burst wide open, and in losing my life, I gain everything. There is no one here that can make a decision, that has to choose between Scylla and Charybdis, these apparent happenings just wondrously unfold. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing is happening.


Wellness Education Institute said...

totally agree that there is no one "personality" or no "thing" at the Level of Source, and that It. Is. All. Perfectly unfolding.

of Course, since we've chosen to participate in an unfolding, relative dimension of "forms," our experience (here, in this momentary Play) is determined by what we focus on (here).

if i go outside and angrily jump in front of a bus, the rest of my day will probably not go as well as if i'd made other choices.

nothing matters, at the Level of Source, but every, single nano-thought becomes manifest, here.

manifestation often appears to get "jumbled-up" (here) by conflicting thoughts (e.g. "i want a relationship," but "relationships result in pain"). the key question is "what do i really, really want to experience?" (here) and then clarity/focus of thought in that direction.

food choices, movement choices, friend choices, & thought choices will lead directly to very real experiences (here in the Dream).


ps: not only is your blog mindful and Enlightening, the artwork is GREAT!

No One In Particular said...

There is no one who can "choose" to participate. There is no one. There is only appearance. It is both real and unreal. Both, "simultaneously," and the mind cannot grasp this. It is not of the mind. It is unknowing. But any thought that arises, any action that appears to happen, including all that you describe, is perfect. Who is it that can judge which choice is "right"? There is no one. There is no volition. There is no right or wrong. Just what appears to be happening. All that said, I really appreciate your comment, as I don't look like such a pathetic loser now that someone is leaving comments. I apparently choose to go have a bath now, as that will probably make the day much better for any apparent other individuals I seem to come close to today. And thanks for the compliment about the artwork! I'm so wasted in this world, no one appreciates my magnificence! Or my finely tuned sense of irony.

Wellness Education Institute said...

hi, One (in particular),

it's good to know (that you know that i know) that there's no way to express that which we are expressing... in words.

that being said... :) ...another try.

i hope you were joking (about being wasted in this world). your written thoughts allow someone like me to allow my-self to create (poetry, art, etc.) -- and to re-Cognize that i'm not the only alien (or was that al-i-len?) here.

when i was in high school, i once directed and acted in a series of 30-second plays entitled "frogs," in which my friends and i hopped around like frogs and got into adventures.

looking back, that silliness was the Perfect Meta-for (:) for the life-Play:

apparent winners, apparent losers, apparent love, apparent loss, apparent frog-life, apparent frog-death.

some of the actors starred in the play, some chose to play meaningless roles, some played villain, others played her-o.

we chose our roles, and we played together, as apparent (bad-guy, good-guy, male, female, sound-effect guy, birth, death, drama) for the Fun of it! none of it was Real.

no matter what happened in the Play, we Knew that it would be over in 30 seconds, and that we'd be able to laugh about our roles, afterward. at times, we even laughed during the play, re-Cognizing the silliness of All of It.

think about this: jack nicholson plays the role of "murderer," but do we lock him up when the movie is over? we're more likely to give him an academy award! :)

i've come to accept that all of my friends (even the momentary, apparently challenging ones... even the ones playing apparently negative roles [terror-ist?] are just my sandbox pals, Playing).

here (however), on Stage, if a terror-friend tries to chop off my arm with a steak knife, i'll (of Course) take appropriate action if i don't want to live the rest of this dream-life dis-armed :)

* i've got a (frog) relative who plays depression and misery soooooo well that when i'm around him, i join-in! :( after all, misery loves company.


in the end (30 seconds from now, Uni-Verse-All time), when the curtain closes, it's all Good/God/One (or whatever).

when the curtain opens again, the actors will stand together on stage (the perpetrator, holding hands with the victim, etc.), and we will all take a big bow (bow, bow).


now that i think about it... maybe that play-series was "dogs" instead of frogs :)


epilogue: ever wonder why the movie theme-park in orlando, florida is named "UniVersAl"?

No One In Particular said...

More beautiful stories. More interesting thoughts that arise. There is no need to figure out what might happen if someone harms you with a knife or anything else. Violence arises too. What might be done cannot be known. None of it matters, or has any particular meaning. But it all happens in balance, and in total acceptance and love. It is total acceptance and love. Oneness cannot judge itself, it is itself. We are it. We are so much more. It cannot be known by the mind, but the mind certainly has a lot of fun and trauma playing with it!