Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dreams, dreams, follow your dreams, don't let your dreams die, don't give up your dreams. It seems every other pop song I encountered yesterday promoted this message of hope and tenacity. The thoughts that arose in response to this were along the lines of "what bollocks". I think if I read another helpful therapy-speak snippet of wisdom, "I" will apparently vomit. Don't sweat the small stuff! Be utterly present in whatever you do. And whatever that is, do it to the best of your ability! If you sweep the streets, let those streets shine with the glory of your loving sweeping. Let all those that come after say, 'Lo! There hast been in this place the sweeper of sweepers, see how the streets glow with compassion! We must practice lovingkindness (and I can't tell you how it nauseates me that those two words have been stuck together in some weirdly suspect Germanic sort of way). Be selfless. Look for the value to others in everything you do. We are all love, love is the answer, and the question, we must all be loving, love love love is all there is. For God's sake don't for one second be human, or angry, or selfish, or greedy or you'll spoil everything. And you'll also hate yourself. Forgive! Forgive yourself! Forgive everybody! Never, ever nurse a grudge. Don't indulge in self-righteous anger, unless of course it involves starving children or abused animals. Protect our Mother Earth. Become the Earth, we are the Earth, ground yourself. Fix yourself, you are hopelessly broken. But you are also intrinsically good. In fact, it's all good! Be good. Be as good as you can be. Let's all try and be good. In the moment. Attracting the "right" kind of energy. Lovingkind. BARF.
Perhaps there's nothing broken. Perhaps there is freedom from all this. Maybe, just maybe, if there is no one trying to fix things, what unfolds is more efficient, and more to the liking of the character in this fabulous play. All plays must have conflict. There must be villains as well as heroes, sadness and suffering as well as a good old-fashioned happy ending. I suppose there is no one here who takes it all too seriously anymore. Perhaps the falling in love with it all, just as it is, has happened. That poignant human longing to achieve in the face of adversity ("hold on tight to your dreams..."), perhaps there is just as much value, or as little, in giving the dreams up. Where there is nothing, life fills it with what was never dreamed, never thought, never known. It is all so amazing without any meddling with it whatsoever. Whatever it seems to be, my character says: bring it on.


unhappyalways said...

I just love this post. I love your directness and honesty, Suzanne!

geofrank said...

You wrote this 3 years ago. I hope you check your comments on older posts because I want you to know you are saving my life 3 years later. I've been struggling through nondual blogs for what seems like forever and yours is the first to keep me reading. thank you for your light in my day.I think you really might save me from the accidie.