Sunday, 18 January 2009

Faith is unnecessary. It is dualistic. Who is it that would have faith? In what would they have it? On the radio this morning, I heard tales of those who were called to God. I could imagine the sense of deep supplication, of fear, of excitement, for those who seem to have been called into God's service. It makes me smile now, not a smile of smug superiority because "I" have "the answer", but because our sense of separation is so entrenched that the creation of such beautiful stories and sensational feelings seem necessary. Please let us hear the voice of God, a bit of proof that our faith was not misplaced. In fact, each breath is devout service. Each thought is already the higher call. God is not out there somewhere, calling the faithful to His will. It is all His will, it is all God, it simply is. Not only is everything just as it should be just as it is, there is nobody home to take the call. In this appearance, we are the call, and the answer, and the caller, and the receiver. There is no one who needs to have faith in something better, something higher; there is nothing better or higher. Just this.