Sunday, 25 January 2009

Heroism Is No Better Or Worse Than "Failure".

We tend to love those stories best that tell of the indomitable nature of the human spirit; of Job staying in love with God despite all the shit he was dished out by Him, of courage in the face of adversity, of triumph despite almost insurmountable obstacles. It gives us hope. It makes us feel safe. It gives us courage to say, even if the unspeakable happens to me, I will overcome. It's a lot of nonsense. There is nothing happening. There is no one to overcome anything. It's actually possible to live, just live, and not string the apparent happenings into a story of cause and effect and response. Of course no one can choose to string them along or not. Everything carries on just as it always seemed to whether "awakening" happens or not; but the apparent separate seeker of something "better" is frightened to death of not being in charge of it all anymore. Make no mistake, this is "letting go" to the nth degree; what these words point to is the absolute loss of "your" life. All of it, everything you ever thought was important, none of it is real. Of course no one can choose to let go, that mechanism of apparent choice is part of the dream, the individual cannot choose to die psychologically. The eye cannot see itself. We dream of being two for no particular reason. It is the game, the bursting joy of aliveness, becoming two in perfect balance. No story is better or worse than any other; no life is more worthy than the next. They are all equally meaningless, and equally miraculous. Oneness has no interest in any dream-person seeing that they are one. Oneness has no agenda. Oneness just is. And shockingly, surprisingly, that is enough.


Hysterical Boredom said...

just now only this alive being only being i am
attention i am permission to be being submission to noself i am
that this is is love is i am now

No One In Particular said...

Nice poetry, Hysterical. Yes, that describes it as well as anything!