Thursday, 1 January 2009

This Is It.

This is it, and there's no pressure to "make something" of it. All there is is this, and it is timeless, and mocks the fear of death, for death is something that happens at the end of a story in time. This is it, and it is scary, and joyful, and full of bereavement and suffering and bliss and uncomfortableness and everything in between. Agony and ecstasy, confusion and ambiguity. All there is is this, and the story seems to unfold, a billion stories, more, more than one for each apparent individual. Yet there is no story, just timeless being. None of it is wrong, and none of it is right, is simply is, in perfect balance. The liberation of this is indescribable. In losing myself, I gain all eternity and infinity. All there is is all there is. What is sought is what it already is. Love it. It is you.

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