Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Immediacy Is Stunning.

Everything is always entirely new. Each breath is breathed a little differently, each footfall's pressure varies. I don't breath, there is breathing; walking happens, I do not walk. The absolute immediacy of life is incredible. What was "I" is all. And strangely, that's all it ever was; somehow I added "me" to it all. I am life happening, and so are "you".


Wellness Education Institute said...

Hey, no One in part-i-cular!

How do you do that artwork? Are you working with pictures, or do you actually paint that?

It... is amazing.

(part) of the fan base :)

No One In Particular said...

They are photoshopped childhood photos, collages, drawings and details of paintings I've done. I tend to photoshop everything on the blog to blur the edges a bit, and keep the stories they contain slightly impersonal, as I truly am no one in particular. But ego arises in awareness, and "I'm" not immune to the apparent pleasure of praise, so thanks!