Saturday, 17 January 2009

No One Can Get This. They Already Have It.

There are a lot of seekers out there, pretty much every apparent individual. The sense that something is missing keeps us seeking whatever it was we believe we've lost; let's call it Meaning just for fun. The problem seems to be that the seeker gets in the way of what is sought. Where there is a seeker, there will always be something missing. How can everything that is be lost? There is no hope for the seeker. There is no practice, no amount of meditation, no depth of self-enquiry that can "awaken" someone that is only a dream. However, the dream can slip away; the seeker can die, and that leaves everything, and nothing. It is scary to the individual, the end of existence. No one wants their sense of being separate to die, no matter how illusory it is. Even if someone seems to want it desperately, they are it already. It is so all-encompassing and obvious, yet somehow it manages to be incredibly elusive. "Beyond the heart and mind of man" as JC was reported to have said. Look around. It is the biggest thing here. It is everything, just as it is. So ordinary, yet so rich; so commonplace, yet profound.


christl said...

yes,yes,yes. i love JC and SF.

No One In Particular said...

Everybody is JC.