Saturday, 30 May 2009

My Part Of Death, No One So True Did Share It.

There is peace, and that was never the goal; there is no goal. Awakening is not the goal, there is no goal. Perhaps the realisation that there is no one, just life, happening, to no one, perhaps that is the goal? There is no goal. There is nothing wrong with the self, or ego, or whatever you want to call it coming back and wanting to claim and hold onto any peace or bliss that's going. However, when that is less, when the self slips away, there seems to be more peace. Peace of mind, peace of mind - how many times I've heard the longing for this! How many words have passed from troubled lips, bemoaning the life given, resisting the sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts and sensations that are wholeness, whatever they seem to be. Yet it is understandable. The story of life, dependent on memory and speculation, taken so seriously, is reality for most apparent individuals. This game is the be-all and end-all for most. Tell someone who's just lost their child, or been forced from their home and is holed up on a beach, crouching behind sandbags to avoid the shelling, that this is wholeness; doubtless it wouldn't go down too well. The mind will latch onto these stories of suffering and grief as proof the story is, indeed, the be-all and end-all. The mind will do anything to stay in its throne. The mind will say that it can't possibly not be in charge when there is all this suffering that needs to be ended, and the mind is scared that if it isn't in control, the stories will become meaningless, and that means the self will be callous and unfeeling toward the plight of others. The great irony is: even the mind's clinging to power is wholeness. Even the fear of being no one is wholeness. The beauty of oneness is that it is everything, whatever it seems to be. There are so many ways oneness likes to talk and write about itself. Seekers have heard it all before; there is no one, no one on a journey, nowhere to go; enlightenment is the dropping of the seeker; duality is oneness; there is nothing happening, simply oneness, sitting, typing, feeling, thinking; and on and on. There is peace "when" the seeker dies. But this was never the goal.

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