Saturday, 16 May 2009

I Do Beseech You To Learn Of Me, Who Stand I' the Gaps To Teach You, The Stages Of Our Story.

Gospel Song

What I thought was lost
What I was searching for
What I yearned for, just had, just had to find
I see it so clearly
It was never, never gone
The incompleteness was only in my mind

It's this. Just this, oh this is all there is
And oh, it was ever so.
I'm home, I'm home, I have always been home
Despite the confusion and the woe.

For life is its own sweet purpose.
Just life, just exactly as it is.
Whatever arises, it always surprises
Always new, always whole, not amiss

And I, I was never really here.
I was just an idea of my own.
What I see, I see clear
There is no veil of fear
Not lonely, not ever alone

It's beyond right and wrong
It's not written in any tome
And the dream of my precious self is gone.
I'm home, sweet home
I have always been home
I can't tell you, not in words, not in song

You can see or not see, through that wall
Can you see you are one with it all.

And what all this is
Is acceptance and love.
Everything happens as it must.
All we see, all the struggle, the joy and the strife,
Is in balance, there is no need to trust.

Just see, can you see,
It's beyond family,
It's a mystery, it can never be known.
And none of it's wrong
It is just what it is
There is nothing, oh nothing to own.

I am home, sweet home, I have always been home.
What I've searched for has always been here.
Closer than silence, nearer than near
No longer in pain do I roam
I am gone, and that freedom, that is home.

You can see or not see, through that wall
Can you see you are one with it all.


Wellness Education Institute said...

sheer poetry!


:) -len

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...


Maybe breaking out the guitar and putting this to a song will arise.

Brenda said...

Suzanne, I would like to post this poem on my blog with your permission. Do I assume correctly that you are the author? Would you like for me to use your full name? I'd like to put one of your pictures with it. Any preference? I look forward to hearing from you about this. I'm eager to feature your quaint giftedness on my blog. I'll include a link to your site.

No One In Particular said...

Hi Brenda, yes I'm the author, please use my full name (Suzanne Foxton), and feel free to use any picture that seems appropriate. I don't write the poems or create the pictures, although the hands attached to this body/mind thingy certainly seem to produce them! Thanks for your interest, and for the promised link. Lots of love to you!

Brenda said...

Your poem is posted. Let me know if it meets with your approval. I am spending time with your posts and your links, and I am loving Gratitude to you.

No One In Particular said...

Brenda, "you" are most welcome.

Lune said...

Good heavens Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful!