Monday, 25 May 2009

Never Pray More; Abandon All Remorse; On Horror's Head Horrors Accumulate.

There is suffering, close, and although it is seen that there is simply suffering, no one suffers, and there is no one to help and no one helping, the urge to write something helpful arises. Whether, in the story, it is of help, is of no consequence. It can seem that life is hellish, and all the thoughts and sensations and emotions are negative, and nearly unbearable. Yet horrible is bearable, and though difficult to recognise, just another face of love, oneness, consciousness, whatever we're calling it this morning. It really doesn't matter what any story has seemed to be, for what is, is this, sometimes with the memory of pain, what happened, and often, healing. The story can include the encounter with a healer, or many healers, and the crucible of healing is acceptance, tolerance, non-judgement, and love. Or pain of life can be seen as a gift, and as life on the front line, truly living, without filter, with intensity. If there is a message here, it's that there is never anything wrong, and there is never anything wrong with you. It doesn't matter what the life story is, or how villainous or indifferent the character is; nothing, and no one, is a mistake. All the fear and hatred and shame and regret and remorse, all the unhealthy acting out that can seem to happen, no matter how heinous the crime seems, it is just as it must be; and it is a gift, and a miracle. What sometimes seems to happen is a story of great redemption, of the love and care of others internalised, of the validation of others being believed, until the self is loved, and others are loved, and finally the whole world is loved, the flawed, incomprehensible world, a macrocosm of every flawed, incomprehensible individual. And sometimes, this loved creature can slip away, and the story loses its despotic hold, none of it is taken, by no one, very seriously. The crushing aloneness of the human condition is seen as all-one-ness, each crucible of humanity the one crucible, each figment the perfect thing it is. So whatever it is that seems to be happening to you, but is in fact just happening, whatever it is, is a rare and priceless gift. Suffering is a gift as much as bliss. In the story, this appearance, there is always balance, and it is likely to change; what appears is always new. Whatever it is that seems unbearable, the unbearableness itself is the gift. It is all a gift. It is more than that. Whatever words are used to point merely box it in. But hang in there; joy is likely to be around the corner, as it is in every good story.


Anonymous said...

how do we know it's a good story?
maybe it's like one hacker said
"the best prison is the one the prisoner is not aware of"

No One In Particular said...

Good, that is, relatively speaking, in terms of duality, where, generally, pleasure is "good" and pain is "bad". Not relatively, it's all "good," whatever it seems to be. Such labels are restrictive, as are all words, at best.

No One In Particular said...

And I suppose in the sense that the blog entry was written, "good" meaning having resonance to the universal principles of the human condition, with identifiable archetypes, enabling the personal to be made universal, blah blah, all that stuff taught in creative writing courses.

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Everything that comes across the screen of 'peoples' awareness, is like a movie.

'You' don't go to watch movie that has nothing but joy in it, 'you' like to watching the conflict/sorrow because 'you' know that it's temporary and makes the joy parts much more fun to watch. 'You' like sitting there watching the movie, because 'you' do it out of entertainment value. 'You' accept whatever images arises on the screen because 'you' know you're unaffected by it.

'The problem' is that 'people' have forgotten that they are only watching a movie and at best they think they are watching a series of movies so they divide the movie into segments. When one 'segment' of the movie 'ends' (pain), they rate the movie. Yet that was not the end of the movie, 'you' can't rate a movie until 'you' watched the whole thing. That pain was leading up to some joy but they missed the joy all together because they focused on the pain. All pains will eventually lead to joy because the movie is always changing.

All 'you' have to realize is the suffering starts when you start trying to change the movie. When you stop trying to change it then pain is allowed and when pain is allowed, then it's moved through quite quickly and now the joy can come faster.

'People' experience more pain then joy because they hold onto that 'segment' of the movie: they keep talking about it, they keep remembering it, they keep bringing it back up, they keep showing to others, they keep replaying it over and over again. 'That part' of the movie was not meant to be played over and over again, let the movie keep playing.

Or don't, all is perfect whatever arises. There are no mistakes in life.

No One In Particular said...


Anonymous said...

very true. labels are restrictive.
no question about that. but i'm still in a story line and playing a character role so there are some parameters there. it's not like i can grow angel wings or just disappear out of this illusion.
but i still know nothing. i can only make assumptions based on my experiences and in the end i still don't know but am irritated along the storyline.

No One In Particular said...

Irritation. Perfection.