Thursday, 14 May 2009

My Love Is As A Fever, Longing Still For That Which Longer Nurseth The Disease.

There is no right or wrong, and no right way or wrong way to live life. Whichever way it's lived is what must happen. Most seekers are stuck in the story, consumed with the correct definitions of various states of mind or being, and terribly concerned with doing "the next right thing". They are worried that without a map, they will go terribly wrong. Well, despair not; maps can arise, along with everything else. Each character comes with conditioning, and the story of life will probably continue to unfold along the same lines it's always done, but perhaps with greater efficiency since there is little interference from a troubled, hand-wringing dreamer. Change can happen; great sea changes of behaviour can arise, in fact, and a "lost" life can be found, or a "useless" person can become of service. The thoughts that seem to guide behaviour belong to no one, they are gifts, from nothing, for no one. No matter how willful the action seems, it is not yours, for you don't exist. In fact, the less done, the better. If thoughts of doing nothing seem to be what's coming up, that's probably a "good" sign. Maybe thoughts of relaxing and having fun can come up. Perhaps freedom means not freedom to live a "good" life, or freedom to channel creativity, or freedom from selfish behaviour, but freedom from the chains of needing any of those things for purpose. Purpose will arise, it just isn't the Big Answer to the Great Question. The secret to life is everywhere. It is this. Whatever this is, or seems to be. It is the perfect fit, no matter how uncomfortable.

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