Thursday, 21 May 2009

Against My Soul's Pure Truth Why Labour You To Make It Wander In An Unknown Field?

What is wrong with ego? It’s oneness, ego-ing. Whether this is seen or not seen, whatever seems to be happening is perfection; there is no one who can be on any path. There is no one who can awaken; awakening is the realisation that there is no one. And even in that, ego can still arise. So what? Oh my God, there’s that pesky ego again. Kill it! Kill it! Just who exactly is going to do that? And who is it, exactly, that needs faith? Faith in what? There is nothing wrong with rituals and worship and guru yoga or whatever practice you care to mention. But they are there to make separation bearable; they fuel the notion that there is a separate person that can "attain enlightenment". They have nothing to do with liberation, except perhaps in Colonel Potter’s School Of Enlightenment and Horsepucky. Liberation is liberation from everything, including the need to keep on some path. It is liberation from the self, even as the self continues to do whatever it is it seems to do, whatever that is. The character continues, but the story is no longer the be-all and end-all. All manner of doubt and dismay may arise, but it is possible for there to be no one who pays them much attention. This is everything, available always to every dreamer, whatever the nature of the dream, whether there is dedicated practice or not. There is no one who can break the cycle of thoughts and ego. Liberation is totally simple; it is this, whatever it is this seems to be; it utterly confounds the mind with its simplicity. It is this, and this is timeless, whereas the mind will see it as something to be obtained later, or perhaps lost later. The mind will concoct rules and rituals and practices to keep what already has the distinct advantage of being everything. There is no getting away from oneness. This is it, everything, always.


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Truly, indeed, for sure!

Drop the idea of getting enlightenment and enlightenment may reveal itself *laughs* (not like there is anybody there to drop that idea)

'I' never heard of enlightenment before 'it happened'. I am sure I would have searched for if I did hear about it though. *laughs*

I heard the term but I thought it just meant some spiritual insights that help you develop yourself. How funny, that seems to be the market to everything "better yourself". In fact, my site was a personal development site 'before this' (not like there is anything wrong with that, that is this too).

I was watching this video with Adyashanti on youtube and 'he' was talking about 'his expereince' 'before awakening' (I was thinking awakening meant to wake-up to the fact that we are all connected somehow and once we all wake-up to this, then we can save the planet *laughs*, nothing wrong with that either, that is this too).

After watching the video and forgot that I had done so, I started to expereince the same symptoms (yet didn't realize it at the time because words and actual expereince are vastly unmatched).

The story of Nicholas is a funny bit. Before conscious flex, the site was called world-wide-enlightenment. I notice many different people had different ideas as to what enlightenment was "You say this on your enlightenment site, but enlightenment acts this way...!", "Enlightenment says this and that, not those things!" and the story went on. Shortly after that the name change arose.

It's the ideas of enlightenment that get in the way. 'You' can even say drop all ideas and that will become the next idea (not like there is anybody to do), so there is no way around it. Yet it still unfolds.

What is seen here, is that if this had a purpose, which it doesn't and quite impossible that it ever could (yet the appearance of purpose can arise in this and that is this too), then it's to enjoy.

Life is like a enjoyable dance and most miss the dance because they are looking for something else (nothing wrong with looking for something else, that is oneness too). The dance is not enjoyed because they are on the dance floor looking for something that can't be found. Stop looking for that something. Whatever it might be: money, spiritual insight, relationship, identity, etc..(not like there is anybody to stop looking and there is nothing wrong with looking, that is the one playing too), yet when stop looking arises, then the dance floor becomes what it was designed for: to DANCE YOUR HEART OUT! Let the music move you (not like there is anybody who can choose to let that happen) and life is seen to be lived by nobody, always has been that way. The music moves the body and the body enjoys the flow of dance.

Whatever this is, it's more beautiful than can ever be fathomed.

No One In Particular said...

You said it Brother.

Anonymous said...

in the illusion there is nothing wrong with ego cause it just is but when i am around people with ego i get this really yuckie feeling and just want to get away from them.
like someone said "ego is insanity" and i observe ego and people seem insane to me. i can only base what i say on personal experiences cause nothing outside of me will ever present an answer. sometimes one gets a feeling or a little hint or some insight it seems but when you have had the experience of feeling the void, the nothingness then you know all else is illusion but you also know why there is illusion cause the void or nothingness ain't all that great. since something cannot come out of nothing this will always be a dream, illusion, hallucination whatever you want to call it and nothing matters in the end. whether you're a ghandi character or a serial killer character it's all the same, it just is.

Anonymous said...

there is no dance to enjoy because enjoyment is just another trap to identify with this illusion. once you realize and experience there is nothing all one is left with is irritation or a neutral feeling at best. one either experiences the nothingness or not. it's not something you can acquire or learn to get to.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Nicholas, Anonymous #1, and Anonymous #2: whatever arises, or seems to, is perfect. Enjoyable dances can arise, or yuckie feelings. Fear of void arises, or all kinds of ideas (and I mean ALL kinds) about enlightenment. Feelings of irritation, neutrality, or absolute nothingness can arise. Great soaring feelings of bliss can arise. All these appearances and sensations are perfect, and they are all the many guises of whatever it is we're calling it today. Conflict can arise, as it often seems to; such is the nature of duality. Yet as oneness is duality, nothingness is somethingness, "simultaneously"; the mind, the tool of duality, the storymaker, cannot resolve the coexistence of mutually exclusive concepts. Yet they are all just concepts. None of it matters, all of it is miraculous. And there is nothing wrong with any of it. It is.

No One In Particular said...

And by the way, Anonymous #2, would you like a hug?

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

'I' will take the hug, if 'Anonymous' won't. Such a joy arises when hugging self. :)

Wellness Education Institute said...

can i join in on the hug-fest?

lately, i've felt like a master debater with a multiple personality order, and now wIe need a hug.

No One In Particular said...

Big, fat hugs all around. But no kinkiness arising in anyone's awareness, now!

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Awww man, no kinkiness, guess a big fat hug will have do *laughs*