Friday, 15 May 2009

And You All Know, Security Is Mortals' Chiefest Enemy.

In this beautiful, ugly, chaotic, orderly, ambiguous and pointless adventure most label reality, duality itself is the only point. Duality is oneness, apprehending itself. And that is the meaning, the secret of life: it exists. The fragile constructs that make nothingness a solid table or an overwhelming feeling are the miracles. The appearance, the mere fact that anything exists at all, is stunning, and awesome. Look carefully at the very nature of matter, and there is nothing there. What looks, changes it; ask any particle physicist. When there is no one, no choice, no thing at all, whatever unfolds, unfolds in unspeakable freedom. The persistent arising of choices and dilemmas and challenges are the joys of duality. Whatever their conclusion, however heartbreaking or enchanting, is unimportant; there is no one to shepherd the journey, no goal that exists other than to fulfil itself, for itself. Don't despair if this isn't seen. If the journey still seems remarkably important, if the character you play isn't seen to be every character and everything, life still unfolds just as it must, whether "you" feel better or not. Feeling better may indeed seem to be the goal, but if it is pursued, you are not pursuing. There are no mistakes, including thoughts that there are, indeed, dreadful mistakes. The task of letting go, so desperately desired, is difficult when the thing that lets go is the thing that needs to be let go of. In fact, it is impossible. But letting go may seem to happen. There is nothing an idea can do to dispel itself. So, if there still seems to be time, for want of anything better to do, pursue whatever goal presents itself; there are no mistakes.


john said...

Dear Suzanne,

Just wanted to say I have been following your blog. What a wonderful, clear and intelligent expression of Nonduality this is.
I look forward to each new entry. It's like a breath of fresh air and beautifully original.



No One In Particular said...

It's definitely not me that writes it, otherwise I'd get a big head!

Maury said...

I have to second John's comment. Nice clear writing. I also understand that it is not you that writes. Just the same the writing happens till it doesn't.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Maury, loveliness arises when I see you back in action. Thanks for the comment.