Monday, 25 May 2009

So, Ere You Find Where Light In Darkness Lies, Your Light Grows Dark By Losing Of Your Eyes.

It's easy to be, and there doesn't need be any change at all, not any the dreamer can do anyway. This is the gift, the dream, this is what is. And the appearance rocks, despite the parts of the appearance who believe the entirety of the appearance is going down the toilet. Everything is an endless miracle blah blah blah, but some of the more obvious ones - better health, better communication, more compassion - are worth noting. Whatever seems to happen in the world is no better or worse than whatever has ever seemed to happen to it, despite the clucking tongues of those judgmental arisings in oneness. It's in balance for sure, and everything is another face of love, even those fanatics gripped with hatred and fear, using bombs to make their point; yet here we are, it seems, in all of this, and this is what it is, and it is a miracle it exists at all. Some of these pointers - people who write about Advaita or whatever the proper terminology in late May is - believe the story is at a hot point, that many are seeing the fragile, illusory nature of the appearance, that egos are dying left and right, that the energetic shift is appearing to happen to many of the little stories that seem to walk around, that there is some sea-change. Maybe, maybe not, it matters not. Liberation from the dream is always available, but it doesn't need to happen; if it's meant to happen, it will; if it's not, it won't. The longing for it is the highest security prison. There is simply nothing wrong, or nothing right. This is always enough, always freedom, always a prison, always chattering, limiting language; always questioning, always disgruntled, always ecstatic, always everything. Timeless being, no one doing, no one, just one. This is perfection. There is nothing to be done but what is done.


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Perfection, always.

'I' like the picture of 'your' grandma, she is 'me'.

Anonymous said...

So, starting with nothing, you can live in 1 of 2 worlds: the world where your first step takes you into a land of nonsense (where almost everyone is), or the world where the integrity of logic is never compromised, but where there is only nothingness, and everything is nothingness, and everything plus everything is still nothing. (where only very few are)

In other words there is no oneness or love or duality or non-duality there is nothing. People aren't changing, there are no energetic shifts, no re-incarnations, all guru's are falls and fooling you and anybody claiming to know anything beyond the nothingness is lying because nobody knows for sure anything except nothingness.

The ego mind tries to fool you all the time and the collective is completely mentally ill in the illusion that is what i can see, sense and feel every day. When I see people I can size them up in a minute and see all their mind/ego downloads, ego issues and mental illness. It's a really stupid illusion and stupid dream and there is no point to anything at any given time.

Once you have re-connected with the nothingness by losing everything there is nothing left but some sensory pleasures such as food, nature etc. the rest just sucks.

that is where saying come in such as "ignorance is blizz" and "the best prison is the one the prisoner is not aware off"
most characters are not aware of the "prison" they are in and they never will until they automatically experience the nothingness by losing everything from your job, your house, your money, your friends, your car, your pets, your family. every single one of them taken away one by one which makes sense cause you have to dump your character and everything connected to that character. But of course the ego/mind will object/resist and think it knows better when all it knows is nothing. And all of this makes the dream/illusion even more stupid.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Anonymous,

All that carefully considered la-di-da just typed, is simply that, la-di-da. Who is it that makes the value judgement that the appearance is stupid? Stupidity arises, along with everything else. Certainly it's meaningless, except in its intrinsic meaning: mere, or wondrous, existence. Prison or freedom, it matters not. Whatever it is, is what it is, for no purpose: energy seemingly manifest, not just in mental illness, but in health and wholeness. In duality there must be duality. There is nothing wrong with it. Who is it that can "dump their character"? What needs to be dumped is what does the dumping, and "needs" is a bit strong; whether dumping happens or not, it is as it must be. Resistance may well arise, but that too is perfect.

Would you like a hug?