Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ensconcing Ourselves Into Seeming Knowledge, When We Should Submit Ourselves To An Unknown Fear.

The whole "there is no one" thing seems a great, immutable block for a lot of individuals, and it isn't surprising. Golly, how we seem to need something to do. We are encouraged to take responsibility for our lives, to take back our power, and to make healthy choices; or else to let go of control, have faith, trust, and here's the proof things go better for it. We are told we have so much wrong-thinking and it needs to be dissected and peeled back a bit at a time, and then, only then, will we see the Absolute or however we are referring to it today. Locked in that idea of a separate self, anything that is attempted to annihilate the self only reinforces the idea that it exists. Despite the favourite colours, personal struggles, singular personalities, overwhelming feelings, inextricable complexities and giant piles of undone life administration, despite poverty and injustice and casual homicide, despite joyous discovery and the pleasure of company, despite all those things on the evening news that scream and reinforce the notion we are separate individuals involved in a personal journey of survival and fulfillment, we are not. "Letting go and letting God" is a close second to immediate, complete, fulfilled existence, that is "always" and everything. This is free fall, this is what it is just as it is, and we are lived. Yet that includes the confusion and fear. That includes the despair and frustration. Ask any question, there is no answer; yet the answer is always embracing you. The play of life, it seems, has become enjoyable. There is no guarantee, but that is how it seems. It matters not what "you" "choose" to do; it will be the perfect choice.

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