Monday, 1 June 2009

O Wonderful, Wonderful, And Most Wonderful Wonderful! And Yet Again Wonderful, And After That, Out Of All Hooping!

Although in some stories it can be, this need not be looked at or perceived or approached in any certain way. There can be ego egoing away, or maybe a lapsed moment when - shock horror! - you may not be "in the moment" or "present in the now." What's wrong with being lost in thought? What's wrong with the old washing machine mind now and again? There is no choice whether to have these things, or not, and they're merely appearance, a big, showy production number, or perhaps a gentle, silent scene. Perhaps a foray into hell, perhaps a moment of ecstasy. Oh no, say some, the "self" has come back to claim the suffering or the pleasure, uses it as a way to "stay here"; if there is only oneness, there is only oneness. All is oneness, however resistant to oneness it may seem to be, however dualistic the appearance is, however lost in separation the apparent individual seems to be, all is oneness. A thought comes up to really, really practice this shit and concentrate on "I am" or meditate the self away or self-enquire or give up or not give up, because what needs giving up is what gives up, and what needs letting go is what lets go. There is the eye that cannot see itself, and what you are looking for is what is looking, every single f***ing thing we do is wrong, or right, or there is no right and wrong, or there is wrong thinking, or duality is oneness, Jesus Christ, blah blah blah blah blah. It doesn't matter, give it a rest. There is only this. This is a miracle. Seen or not seen, ineffable or eff-able. Self in the way or not.

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