Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sir, It Is A Mystery.

There is no way anyone will ever be enlightened. There is absolutely nothing you can do to achieve enlightenment. There is no amount of practice, meditation, reading, sitting in satsangs, or teaching that can illuminate what is already oneness. There is no need to dissolve the ego; there is no need to strip back the self, to reprogramme wrong thinking, or to get rid of attitudes that make enlightenment impossible. There is no one who has ever been enlightened. There is no need for anyone to awaken. There has never been anyone, there is just this. This is nirvana, just as it is; this is everything every dream person has ever sought; either it is not seen, or seen, by no one. There are many twists in the stories that make apparent separation more bearable. There is therapy, there is "being true to yourself," there is "getting to know yourself," there is self-inquiry, there are many, many practices that take the story from a relatively "bad" one to a relatively "good" one. There is a greater possibility, and it is what this already is. It sings and breathes, it corrupts and shames, it murders and creates, it accepts and prejudices, it soars and triumphs; it "everythings". It may solidly seem that there is a contracted point of view, a prison of aloneness, a fumbling to reach out, to connect, to have "deep engagement" with others. These overwhelming, blissful states and lofty personal goals are marvelous. Yet they are no more important than the fly's wing twitch. Nor are they less important. That aloneness is all-one-ness. The quality of "I exist" is the quality of all. Those apparent separate lights of beingness, a little beacon in each mind/body, are the same all-encompassing light. Light that has no space, and all space; that exists infinitely, eternally, without substance; this, just as it is, is eternity, all apparent moments in one. Whatever seems to be is exquisite in its absolute appropriateness, its utter suitability, for it can be nothing else. When "it" happens, seeing this, finally just being this, the blatant simplicity and obviousness to the answer of all questions is astounding, extraordinary. There was never anything to seek.


Jenn said...

Very profound article. I have never thought about it but it is so true that being true to ourselves is more important than going around seeking peace and enlightenment. Thanks you have definitely enlightened me.

No One In Particular said...

Everyone hears what they need to hear, or perhaps what they want to hear. Whatever is heard, is perfect. There are so many contracted, specific, and downright silly ideas about what "enlightenment" is. It isn't anything that can be described, owned or captured. Whatever the notions are about enlightenment - peacefulness, for example - are just what the small self desires. Yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...


*Luaghs* Wow, "ʥʣ" makes sense! ;)

Perfect moves in mysterious ways, apparently.

No One In Particular said...

Nicholas, I hope you are enjoying yourself (personal pronouns used loosely) in your parallel universe. Send a postcard!

Paul Maurice Martin said...

It seems to me that this sort of language, based on a state of consciousness that can be reached through meditation and sometimes spontaneously, takes steps beyond the experience itself to embrace certain beliefs about the nature of reality. I won't say "objective" reality since an aspect of the experience is a falling away of the sense of distinction between self and the rest of the world. But certainly a larger or greater reality that goes beyond the separate self, and, indeed, is considered the greatest, the most inclusive, the most real reality.

This belief system, which you articulate well here, is also described in classic texts of eastern religions - say the Book of Tao. While it is consistent with meditative experiences, especially the type I've thought of as "awareness of awareness," I do think it goes beyond experience itself to enter the realm of metaphysics.

That is, to have such experiences is not necessarily to hold these convictions, even if one finds them agreeable.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I mean it, this is very good. Almost sounds like I should give up. Oh, don't start, right? You sound almost like U.G. Krishnamurti. You should see the smile on my face! Great!

OK, No One, talk to ya later.


No One In Particular said...

Mr. Martin, what you say is interesting. It's true there need be no belief system in place. There need be nothing except what is. Who is it that finds the experience agreeable? Who is it that experiences? Agreeableness can arise; experience seems to happen. Whatever it seems to be is perfect.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Msayers, wherever you are is where you are. Right on course whether it seems like it or not.

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Yeah the mystery of this, whatever the hell it is, does seem to enjoy itself (whatever itself is or even it can be called a self), whatever enjoy means.

Sure I will send you a post-card, it will say:

"Now am here, I have not move, but moving seems to arise. Who am I talking to again? Oh yeah no one in particular. But who is this who that thinks itself to be a self that seems to be talking? OH yeah the mystery. Whatever that is, anyhow, good ol Kansas seems flat as usual."

No One In Particular said...

Nicholas, now I get it. I think you're not in Kansas anymore!

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Actually I really am located in Kansas and I didn't even think about that but that's so true! What a good laugh that is! lol

Thank you for the smiles and laughs!

Wellness Education Institute said...

re: kansas :)

the wizard of ahhhhhhhhhs is one of the most meta-physical move-ies of all time.

dorothy is dreaming... but she's Really Home (just taking a bit of a nap).

wizards are fakes, and witches can be "evil" (or Good).

"heartless" people can be the most loving; "brainless" people can plan/organize a rescue; and "cowards" can step up to the plate, with courage.

the yellow-brick road is seldom "direct," the journey appears to be adventurous and drama-filled, yet it's All an illusion...(kind of like projected pictures, up on some kind of a screen, in a fabricated time/space sequence).

in the end-beginning-end, there's No-place like Hommmmmmmmmmmm. in fact, we've never Really ever left-(right?)-left.
i'd love to continue this toto[ly] courageous dialogue (if i only had a brain), but Now it's time to click my heels and say goodbye/hello!