Thursday, 18 June 2009

Let Go Thy Hold When A Great Wheel Runs Down A Hill, Lest It Break Thy Neck With Following It.

What Lets Go

Needy: pleasure claimed and pain resisted,
Systems keep the wicked world at bay.
A sense of unfulfillment in the day,
Despite the many resources enlisted.

Who is it that needs such validation?
Who is it resisting letting go?
Who is it that reaps, to further sow?
Who is it takes such consideration?

Let go, we are told, nothing is wrong.
What you seek is here, it never left.
Separation means you are bereft.
Wholeness, here, is all; creation's song.

Problematic paradox: let go
But what is it that clings to surety?
Surely what lets go, that sense of "me",
Is what must drop away, revealing lo:

All that is, without unneeded caging.
Everything, without the added "me".
Boundless, all existence here to be,
Unsullied by the helplessness and raging.

Everything is already forgiven.
What you are, and do, whatever hence,
Needn't be behind protective fence.
If it is, that too is what is given.

Cherish every goal unto success,
Knowing it is joy unto itself.
Take the childlike wonder from the shelf.
You are more, if even you seem less.


Wellness Education Institute said...

this poem is sooooo thick and rich and juicy!
at several points during the poetic flow, it felt as if my physical body was releasing, relaxing, allowing...
simple re-mind-ers like "Everything is already forgiven" resonate deeply.
len :)

No One In Particular said...

High praise indeed from the master!

Charlie Hayes said...

Who-You-Are sure expresses Nothing But Love elegantly!

alicia said...


No One In Particular said...

Thanks Alicia.