Friday, 19 June 2009

Pity The Dearth That I Have Pined In, By Longing For That Food So Long A Time.

Past entries worth a look. Apparently.

No Volition.

Whatever's Happening is happening. Period.

Pointless, paradoxical, lovely.

You're already there. Or here, or whatever.

When, exactly, is the present?

Trying (in vain) to court controversy, just for the fun of it.

Just give up. Then keep it to yourself!

Prison is freedom, freedom, prison.

No mistakes, even the conviction that there are mistakes.

Obvious. Really obvious.

Everything is light.

Rather than reiterate yet again what I keep saying over and over, peruse the entries of the "past" for a snapshot of pointers. Have fun. Please!


Wellness Education Institute said...

hello, suzannoone!

LOVED the look back. it's been a pleasure to share/learn/grow (or, better yet, to observe its arising) with you, over the past several months.

since it is time-consuming to go back and review all of the posts, and since each (itself) is worthy of mega-contemplation, it really, REALLY helped me to have the "past entries" batch, here.

again, thanks for the (noisulli) ride.
:) len
-or was that le-no?

(you can't spell "Nothing exists" without o.n.e.)

No One In Particular said...

Thanks for coming along for the apparent ride. You are, for want of a better label, a sweetie-pie.

Michfan4837 said...

Excellent linking. Thought I would say hi, its been a bit. Still enjoying the expressions.

No One In Particular said...

Thanks Michfan, glad you are still online. How marvelous is technology?