Monday, 13 April 2009

With Nothing Shall Be Eased 'Til He Be Pleased With Being Nothing.

Bill Shakespeare seemed to have some brilliant words to attempt to describe this, whatever it is we're talking about here. Absolute immediacy, absolute being, oneness, whatever. It seems pertinent to use some of the yaddah yaddah to address the concept "everything is meaningless". For the still separate individual, who is loath to even consider the possibility of not existing, the idea that everything that seems to happen is meaningless is just dreadful. What was all that work for, then? Why did I suffer and sacrifice the way I did? Why did I spend all those thousands of dollars on Jnana Yoga lessons? Why did I drink and drug for 20 years, destroying the lives of everyone close to me in the process? Was it all for nothing? We-e-ell, strictly speaking it was nothing, but there is another way it can all be seen, all that struggling, muddling, disarrayed living. As this is written, a strong memory comes up of a fantastic feeling of surrender when the idea of no-me was sort of accepted, or recognised. The story of your life may be meaningless, but each circumstance, feeling or thought that seems to arise is perfect. It has always "been" perfect, it is perfect "now". The destruction was perfect; the selfish, betraying, neglectful acts were perfect; the moments where everything seemed to be in harmony with the Universe were perfect too. There has never been anything "you" could "do" about any of the appearances; you are oneness, person-ing. The idea of free will and responsibility are just that, ideas. Responsible acts seem to arise very frequently, but there is no guarantee; whatever seems to happen is just perfect. When this is seen, everything seems a gift, no matter how dreadful or wonderful. Life is a gift, many aspects of which are not terribly well appreciated. Suffering can still happen even after this is seen and the suffering is happening to no one, but there is often appreciation that accompanies the pain. Oneness is perfect, neutral and all-encompassing. It is unconditional in its acceptance and love, for it is all, and cannot reject itself. The fundamental simplicity of it is here, everywhere, always. And you can read this blog and all the literature that states this and never "get" it, because you have never lost it. It is what you are, what I am, what all is. When it's all just happening, to no one, no one often seems pleased with being nothing.

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