Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Give Up.

There is no way to get this. There is nothing a dream can do to dissolve itself. The more frantic the seeking, the more intense the desire to see that there is no one but the one, the more fuel the idea of being a separate person gets. There is nothing to be done. Nothing is being done anyway. And there is nothing wrong with frantic seeking or intense desire, although it can certainly seem like there is. The crisis of meaning, the search for a higher, better way of life, and the inability to get there can result in so much pain. Pain sucks, yet it doesn't really; it is the way of duality, it is there because there is bliss as well. We seem to long to have a perfect formula, and it goes something like: meet adversity with grace; conquer the negative emotions, for they bring about suffering; alleviate all suffering, for suffering is wrong; put your life in order, so that all that remains is the journey of deepening and self-improvement; have a balanced life, so that everything has its place, and is harmonious with the grand cosmic dance; stop resisting, go with the flow; don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff; forget yourself and be of service to others. The formula is already what is. It is perfection, in perfect balance, because it must be, because it is. Wherever you seem to be is where you are, and where you should be; there is no other way it could be. And behind all this chaotic, whirling, frenzied, joyous, multifarious manifestation is what is, what "you" are, what all is. That is what these words inadequately point to. There is no "how" to get this, but perhaps it could be said that is is the most obvious thing there is, for it is everything. Everything, just as it seems, as it appears, as it is. With all the flaws, and neuroses, sufferings and disasters, beauty and truth, deceptions and crimes, all of it, every thought, every feeling, every sensation. Whatever you seek has never been lost.

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