Friday, 24 April 2009

So We Profess Ourselves To Be The Slaves Of Chance And Flies Of Every Wind That Blows.

Nothing is wrong. Nothing is going wrong in your life. This doesn't mean there is no compassion for those who suffer in separation, for whatever very good reasons. There are some who say that pain is alright without the resistance of the false ego, and that suffering will end when our true nature is seen, but these are tenuous labels for difficult to describe feelings. Anything can happen; everything is available, for everything manifests, or appears to. What seems to be the case is that suffering is less, resistance diminishes, but resistance can arise along with everything else. There are no deals the separate dream-person can make with oneness, enlightenment, awakening, whatever we're calling it on a Friday afternoon. Pain without the illusion of someone it's happening to is unfiltered pain, and it hurts. But what seems to happen is that it slides away, or appears to, since it has no one to claim it. It seems to be replaced by the next exciting feeling more "quickly". But there is no guarantee; there are no sureties, except the spark, life itself, the still source, the One, or whatever that Friday afternoon label is. My character is quite overwhelmed with empathy and identification when I hear of pain and suffering, and I want to heal it, but making it all better is not the goal. It's a film, a story, and in a film anything can happen; in fact, it's a rotten film if the plot is "the butterflies kissed the noses of the scampering bunnies, and there was endless joy in the sunny meadow forevermore." And it's not "just" a story, as I have sometimes written; it is intense and enrapturing and sometimes horrifying, spellbinding, captivating, fleshy and extraordinary, sensuous and exquisite; and don't forget hilarious. So if it isn't seen that life is a dream, and it needn't be taken so seriously, and the suffering is acute, the only and best advice for the dreamer is: hang in there. There is no escaping from what you truly are, and that is infinite and eternal.

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