Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Very Substance Of The Ambitious Is Merely The Shadow of the Dream.

Guildenstern was supposed to be an idiot but he chided Hamlet to great effect. It's a paradox, how important this story seems and how meaningless is actually is; or how fraught with meaning and beauty each atom is, whilst swirling together to create a shadow of a dream. People read this blog and ask questions there are no answers for. They grow frustrated with not being able to see this, whatever the hell it is, and long for the seeker to die. However frustrating or despairing the feelings are, however uncomfortable existence seems, oneness is singing and feeling and shrieking and chairing and walling all around; it is everything, including not seeing it. There is absolutely nothing the shadow of a dream can do to speed its own demise, but its demise could happen at any time. The only advice I would ever hazard to give, for any apparent individual anywhere who cannot bear to be in whichever uncomfortable reality is arising, is this: hang in there. Hang on, it's worth it. Whether this is seen or not, it's worth it. Everything is an immaculate, perfect gift of love, so hang on.


Anonymous said...

This is now my favorite blog. Hang on indeed! It may happen, or it may not. Oh hell, should I just give it up then? Just forget about it? It's all that I think about nowadays. Ick, it's frustrating, and you're probably having a good laugh at how silly this all is.

Love your blog!

No One In Particular said...

Hi msayers,

How lovely, glad you like the blog. It's a load of old nonsense, you realise of course, and can't teach you anything, because whatever it seems you are doing and seeing and hearing and being etc. is the answer to any question. But ego arises in awareness, briefly anyway, doubtless to soon be followed by a fleeting lack of self-esteem, so I'm not averse to a bit of praise!