Monday, 20 April 2009

The Poring Dark Fills The Wide Vessel Of The Universe.

The universe fills the vacuum of nothing, and nothing fills the wide universe. You are everything and nothing. Involved in the story of life or not, "doing the right things" or not, there is only oneness, treeing, car-ing, person-ing. The struggle for meaning is both fruitless and gratifying, for there is no meaning in any of the cacophony and incongruency of life, except that it manifests in whatever apparent form; and that expression is always perfect, and always drenched with intrinsic significance. It is impossible for the dreamer to let go of the dream, for the end of the dream is the end of the dreamer. And the dreamer is very important! The dream itself is so extraordinary; it is filled with turbulent twists and revelations of truth; dark, dark places and soaring joy. It is populated with tiny babies holding your finger, and kindly wise father figures; falling deeply in love, and discovering selflessness; the exuberance of youth and the acceptance of age and death, or resistance to the end of the story. It is a wholly pre-possessing journey, in which hard lessons are learned or perhaps many mistakes are made, and it seems pointless to many, and hard to bear. The worry of the moment seems overwhelming and endless. The joy of the blooming summer and the heat of the sun on your face is sometimes not savoured, for there is a voice that says "I want this pleasure to last forever". Yet even the resistance and the discontent are exactly as they must be. The intense longing for awakening is both fruitless and gratifying, for the shadowy dreamer cannot awaken. No one has ever been an enlightened person. But the dream could shatter at any moment, and you are no one, just boundless wonder.

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