Thursday, 2 April 2009

It Is Just As It Should Be.

No matter what it seems, it is just as it should be. There is so much frustration when seeking the Big Answer, the Meaning of Life, which some people decided is Awakening, so a lot of other people just about kill themselves to Attain the Moment of Enlightenment. They try to think their way out of thinking, suffer their way out of suffering, "me" themselves out of "me-ing". They set upon a careful course of study and meditation, convinced that the harder they work, the less they will become, until there is a fabled Flash of Insight and they are One With the Oneness. Oneness, or whatever we're calling it on a Thursday morning, is always the case. The absolute has always been the absolute. It always is, and thinking it's not is the way of duality, of me and you, good and bad, right and wrong, awakened and asleep. Seeking is lovely, but redundant. You can't see your own eyes, but they are there. What is sought by everyone when they work hard to earn a living and support their families, or stay home and do their best to raise their children right, or give up the materialistic life and become self-sufficient, or embark on a spiritual journey with a respected (preferably bearded and Indian) spiritual advisor, or any of the things we seem to do to be fulfilled, is already all there is. No matter how hopeless is seems, it is just hopelessness happening. Seeking the answers is already the answer. You live in complete fulfillment always, even if it is not apprehended. Love has many faces, in fact every face is love, even the face of frustration at not being able to see that love. The frustration is just as it should be, as is everything.


Peter said...

"just love your writings,made me laughf joyfully."

No One In Particular said...

Laughing joyfully arises, from "time" to "time". I'm glad you're laughing joyfully. Thanks for taking "time" to leave a comment!