Thursday, 9 April 2009

This Is Paradise.

Look no further. This is paradise. The wonder of it cannot be improved upon. There is such freedom in seeing there is no one, that we're all just flickering characters on the big Projector of Life or Divine Puppets or whatever inadequate analogy we're using today. What seems to happen, so fraught with meaning, so involving and distracting and important, is mere appearance, and we have no more choice or control than the flickering characters in the film or those puppeteer-less puppets. The dreamer who dreams of being a person with choices and free will will balk at this. If nothing matters, what's to stop me going on a killing spree? Or cheating on my wife? If nothing matters, then what's to stop me starting a war or going postal in my local Spar? It's probably unlikely. If the character you seem to be is not already an adulterous war-mongering psychopathic murderer, it's unlikely that such apparent behaviour will come up. When this is seen, the character is celebrated, in all its flawed, neurotic, good-hearted, half-baked, sometimes flourishing, sometimes wilting, glorious multifarious humanity. It is all such a perfect fit, it could not be more suitable, more loved or treasured, the character that you are. Treasured and loved by all, because it is all. Relax, and stop looking. This is it.


js said...


All has already happened.

And in fact, all has happened in parallel. Past, present and future.

Only the Dreamer or the Observer or the Witness Consciousness chooses which "movie" to watch. Over and over. Then another one.

So there is no choice, no free will, nothing like that. No such New Age crap.

And the Witness Consciousness is just one mistake away from total Realization of His Own Divine True Nature.

And You know that.

And so do I.

Now, only one thing, how do you and I, as ONE, awaken from this dream?

Maybe am talking to my self. For surely you are myself.

I know it. but not like a truck just hit me. Ok?

So let's continue the dialogue and all the rest? Well, up to the apparent them.


Anonymous said...

I seem to really like this one.

Probably my favorite since I have been following this blog.