Thursday, 23 April 2009

Why, Then The World And All That's In't Is Nothing.

There are a lot of ways to put what these words attempt to point to. A lovely Zen saying: riding an ox to find an ox. The eye that cannot see itself, but if not for itself it could not see. What you are looking for is what is looking. Some apparent individuals, with their apparent bodies made of nothing but energy, seem to get hit on the head with it. Bam! So this is it. This. Just this, that's been here all along. Some apparent individuals sit their bottoms made of nothingness - for nothing is what is seen when the nature of matter is investigated - and grit their nonexistent teeth and say: I am going to sit here until I die. I am going to stay here until I get this. I will not move until the seeker croaks. And perhaps, eventually, they say, oh fuck it. I have to pee really, really badly. I give up. And voila! The sitting and the fullness of the bladder and the uncomfortable derriere was what they were looking for. I feel strongly, and cannot stress enough, evidently, how present what is sought always is. Whatever is sought; it doesn't matter what it seems to be, success, safety for the family, God-consciousness, riches, a 1966 convertible apple red Mustang with side grills. (I'd like one of those.) "Spiritual" seeking seems more noble, but it is all the same longing for home. It is an extraordinary, literally mind-blowing miracle that anything seems to exist at all: there is nothing, a vacuum, no world, no universe, nothing. And the only thing that does exist, awareness in stillness, consciousness, presence, God even (if you must), whatever, there is no word to contain it - is what we are, what we truly are, our true nature (as some like to put it). We all are that. We have dreamed ourselves up. We run around and try to find ourselves again, but it is a great, compassionate, cosmic joke. Seeking is what is sought.


Anonymous said...

Nothing existing is a big ugly for me. First of all, I understand the concept of "nothing exists", however here "I" am, typing these words on your comment section, thinking how bizzare it is to think that this is all nothing. If what I seek already is, and it's all nothing, then... Ah crap, I did it again... All screwed up in the head, and I can't think straight. I should try doing the dishes and spend some time with my knives (OK, cruel joke... sorry.) It's just all so frustrating, and I love reading what you have to say about it all. I can't wait to "see".

And if you can conjure up that red mustang, would you mind helping me out with a '69 Camero? Not picky, so any color will do.


No One In Particular said...

Hi Mike, I know it's painful, wanting it so badly. There's nothing you can do, no one to do it, blah blah blah etc, all that offers no comfort. But "you" could "die" at any "moment. The weirldy paradoxical thing is the thing that can't wait to "see" is what is seen. That energy is what is. And why not wash up? No one chooses whether to wash up or not. These words just point. They're just ideas. Give up. It's painful, but the pain is just another face of love. The perfect lover is always this.

And a CAMERO? Oh come on. They just seem to try too hard!


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Lovely pointing

Thank 'you' for sharing. ;)