Friday, 3 April 2009

What About Time?

Perhaps the mind can just about grasp the fact of no time. Time is dependent on memory and clues, on plans and speculation. But in fact, there is only ever this. It's not even now, because now infers "then", and "what will be"; and the past is always gone, the future never here. Recovering addicts in 12 step programs put it ever so delicately thus: with one foot in yesterday and one in tomorrow, you're pissing all over today. Keep in mind that however amusingly pithy the aphorism, it's still a message of becoming; becoming more involved in your life, becoming more present in the moment, in fact becoming a paragon of total presence in the moment through so much meditation your butt falls asleep. Awaken, butt! It is only ever presence. Whatever the thoughts of tomorrow or regrets of yesterday, whatever the last move was and the next move will be; whatever feelings of nostalgia or glorious anticipation arise, they arise in this. It is always this everlasting moment. It is not happening in time, it is simply happening. There is no past or future, and the present can't be quantified. When is it now? It' No, now! But doesn't it take some time to say "now"? When does the future start, and the past become the past? How infinitesimal is the present? It isn't how small it is, it's how boundless it is. There is only ever this, an everlasting moment of love, in its endless manifestations.


Gorilla Bananas said...

It's terrible when your butt falls asleep, isn't it? I get my females to pinch mine.

No One In Particular said...

Though it doesn't matter if you do or not and it's not anyone's choice anyway, the best way to awaken your butt is to get the hell off of it!

Wellness Education Institute said...

hey, no one in particular!

can i use this pic (artwork) on a post entitled "multiple personality order"?

i'll cite it and reference it properly, and i'll link it back to this post.

lemme know :) len

No One In Particular said...

Use it with my blessing, Len.

Wellness Education Institute said...

i love the way that the idea of "no time" is represented in a move-ie.

the VHS or DVD itself contains the Whole saga (past, present, future)... but it doesn't come alive until we PROJECT it on a screen.

space-time is a projection.

the show APPEARS to be real, but it's just a bunch of Light, making an illusion of movement appear.

we can replay the same issues (relationships, drama, etc.) over and over and over (if desired).

we can choose to fast-forward (predict the future). heck, with the newest DVDs, we can even change the outcome! (how novel)

we can project war, romance, drama, comedy, etc., etc. -- all based upon our move-ie selection.

certainly, we can get caught up in our own my-stories and mellow-dramas, but isn't that why we turn the lights down low and accentuate the "special" effects?

can't centuries and mill-lenny-ya be contained (all at the same nanosecond of no-time, which is NowTime, which is NowHere?)

if an actor "sins" in a movie, do we punish him... or do we applaud? heck, sometimes, we present movie-murderers with things called "academy awards!"

when the Play is over, and when the curtain opens once again, everyOne gathers on stage for a big Bow. those who "died" in the Play aren't really dead. the movie-sins aren't real.

we All hold hands, as One, Smiling.

Love, len

No One In Particular said...

Very nice Lenny, however, no one chooses, although apparent choices may seem to arise. And during the bow, holding hands, the diva perhaps get a bouquet, and the second lead is envious, and trips the diva up as they exit the stage, and the diva jumps up and punches the second much for hand in hand, joyous. But GREAT fun to watch!

Wellness Education Institute said...

great to watch, and, as an astrologer might say, to star in!