Friday, 13 March 2009

Words Are Useless.

Oh dearie me, the words, the very serious and deliberate words out there, kabillions of them, trying to describe awakening (or whatever we call it on a Friday morning, blah blah blah.) I just skimmed over 37 facets of awakening, Buddhist I think. Thirty-seven, huh? Blimey. That's a lot. There are not 37 facets of much of anything, I reckon, unless the mind is still in charge, skimming and slicing and categorising and analysing. Thirty-seven is, to state the obvious, exceptionally dualistic. Or thirty-septistic. It seems to me to be a way to describe utter, iron-fisted control of each action of life, also each thought and every feeling, all ruthlessly pinned down and mastered. A lot of seekers are glad to find a discipline, it gives them something to do while they wait for awakening to "happen" to "them"; and if it's not just going to spontaneously happen, well then, they're going to bend and mold their spiritual selves until they bloody well force it to. God (who's he?) forbid life just happens, to no one. And it's life happening to no one that is impossible to describe. Admittedly, this "impossible to describe" thing is annoying. There are a lot of words on this site devoted to: all there is, is this; there is no one; there is no one who needs to awaken; everything you've ever looked for is here, even the looking is it. Blah blah, blah blah blah. Sitting here and reading this isn't going to hasten awakening. The best to be hoped for is death, death of the dream of "you". There is no one, there is no seeker desperate for awakening - there is desperation, and seeking. The difference is either life happens to you, or life happens. Yet these words are fruitless. The shift is entirely energetic, and is akin to some kind of dropping away of a veil, but these words too are useless. As useless as all 37 carefully dissected facets of awakening, which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with. Seeking is fun, seek away. But "you" are already "there", and no words can bring being any closer; it is already all there is.


Oscar Grillo said...

I find the word "HEEEEELP!" pretty useful

No One In Particular said...

"Oh fuck it" is similarly useful.