Sunday, 1 March 2009

Cheer Up. It's Not As Bleak As All That!

There is no one, reality as we generally have been taught about it doesn't exist, there is nowhere to go, it's all meaningless, blah blah blah. Liberation sounds terrible. It is terrible. It's terrible in the same way death is terrible, or can be. Fear of death is a huge motivating factor for nearly everything we seem to do. Just ask Alvy Singer. But death can apparently happen before the demise of the mind/body organism or whatever we're carefully labeling "people" today. The loss of your life isn't so "bad". This is absolute perfect timeless being no matter what tiny thoughts arise about it all. This is constant, this is no different from the moment of "your" death, which is just another twist in the story. Unveiled existence, boundless, timeless, where everything seems to go on pretty much as it always has, is quite an extraordinary thing. It's astounding, nothing being something, it arises in perfect balance, for balance is the great quality of duality. What's hard for the separate individual to get is that it happens to no one. When there is no one, there is no fear of death, since death has already happened. Oneness takes care of itself whether we are free from the veil of self or not. It always "has". But even this is just the story. Whether there is clarity of the mind, which a lot of people seem to have, or unfettered living, or absolute being, or whatever we're carefully labeling "enlightenment" today, there is only being. This is it. And it doesn't suck.

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