Monday, 9 March 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Love, love is the answer, it's all about love. Remember that "love" is just a word, a label, we put onto an ever elusive feeling and concept. Love is usually a reciprocal thing, but sometimes we seem to be mentally healthy enough to love without needing the love returned. But here, perhaps it can mean even more than that. It's all love, even the wall over there, even the vilest deeds of the most evil despot. If everything is love, everything is love. It allows everything, for it is everything, and must appear as all forces and their opposites in duality. It is all accepting; it is itself, and cannot reject itself. Any intense feelings of outrage at this idea are love, too. It is difficult to accept that there is truly no right or wrong, that all that seems to unfold unfolds in perfection. It doesn't mean license to indulge in a murder spree, for who is it that would choose to do that? It unfolds in perfection no matter how gratingly uncomfortable and uneasy it seems to be. The very uncomfortableness is just what it must be. Resistance is perhaps futile, but if resistance occurs, there is nothing wrong with it. Resistance to absolutely unconditional love is also absolutely unconditional love. There is no getting away from it, no matter how lonely and apart and isolated and separate your life may feel; separation is love as well. All those apparent others, they are you. You might as well love them.

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Anonymous said...

I love this part.

When it comes to explaining how everything in the universe is a manifestation of love, most people fall back on Valentines and possessive attitudes.

But we know the deepest form, and the feeling that goes along with it.

Thanks for reminding me.