Sunday, 22 March 2009

There Is No Formula For Perfect Living: This Is It.

The sweet poignancy of the human condition is not lost in this. That pull of opposites, the struggle to be in duality, the bemusement at the simultaneous co-existence of infinite love and bottomless cruelty is all still there. The dawning of the age of Aquarius is this, it has always been this, there is no "point" in the story where all humans understand just what the meaning of their existence is, cast aside despair, depression, fear and brute survival, and live innocently forevermore in love. That is already the case. It always has been, for all there is, is this, there is no time in which such a story can unfold, or anyone to which it happens. We live in love now for love is all-encompassing and all-accepting, it is this, and this cannot reject itself, for it is itself, despite the appearance of rejection. Everything is allowed; everything that exists, exists just as it should, as it must, and as it does. There are many voices and stories in the manifestation that say our suffering must end. In duality, there will always be suffering; if there is bliss, there is its opposite. Seeing this does not devalue any of it. There was a story in the UK news yesterday of a baby being taken off life support. The baby's fate was determined by the courts, who ruled that the suffering was too great, the physical pain too immense, and that it was cruel to prolong the baby's life. In seeing that even this extremity of circumstance is too, just the story, it doesn't make it any less sad, it doesn't make it any easier to imagine the suffering of a tiny baby, and it doesn't make such a question of life and death any simpler; it is still a question for the archetypal Solomon. There is great suffering in my apparent story, lest anyone caught up in these stories decide I have no right to assess the suffering of others. There has been great pain, both physical and emotional, abuse at the hands of others, violent attack, and a heavy burden of guilt about my own actions. But in these stories, there can be balance; there can be redemption, and in my story, I know these sufferings were immeasurable gifts. They have given me the sweet vulnerability of humanity; they have stripped away my many defenses. However, it is just the story, however intense the story seems to be. Whatever seems to unfold is the wholeness I sought, it was always there. Whatever formulas people seem to devise for perfect living, the answer is always, this is perfect living. It is simply difficult to see.


Anonymous said...

The "difficulty" is learned behavior.

We can (seem to) unlearn it.

No One In Particular said...

Whether we seem to unlearn it or not, whether we sink into depression or soar into joy, whether we remain blinkered by our prejudices or embrace all in unconditional love and acceptance, it doesn't matter a bit. It is. And whatever it seems to be, it is perfect.