Wednesday, 25 March 2009

This Duality Is Oneness.

There are so many non-duality books floating around now, it's all the same crap over and over, saying there is nothing to be done, by no one; nothing is wrong, nothing is right, no questions, no answers, nowhere to go and no way to get there; nobody is saying nothing to no one, there is nobody who needs to awaken because there is no one; nothing exists, despite appearances. So why write a book? The relentless and uncompromising nature of this message, such as it is, is one of hopelessness for the individual. There is no one who can make their life work; there is no world to save. So why bang on about it? Why have "satsangs" or "meetings of friends together" where there is no one present, no message to be delivered, no one to deliver it to, no agenda, and no method to impart? If we are already awake, if oneness is the case no matter whether it is seen or not, if it is already everything including the resistance to it, then why even bring it up? If it is ineffable and indescribable, not an idea or concept, not a feeling, not a state of being, as all those things are encompassed by it, why try to understand or describe it? Well, for one, that's what the mind tends to do. There's nothing wrong with it. But more importantly, because it's fun; but most significantly, because there is no choice. I am not choosing to write this tosh each day; it happens, the ideas for it simply come up in awareness, apparently, and it's just as meaningless as everything else. There is a lot of ostensible satisfaction as I seem to push the "publish" button. There is a great deal of glee as I respond, apparently, to comments. There is a lot of pleasure in the pressing of the keys and noticing the thoughts as they arise. But it wouldn't matter if these words remained unwritten, that would be perfect too. It makes no difference whether anyone seems to read them or not. It all seems to shine, to screech, to rumble, to purr, to crash. This duality is oneness, whether we notice it or not.


JBLocs said...

Hi NOIP Just when I was wondering if you are going to write a book you respond with a great article. With so many books on the "market", you'd think non-duality has become the next great religion or an incredible market to sell wares.
At same time, everyone needs to know how simple it is to drop all and pick up all to live any life chosen. Again, thanks for the wonderful post.

No One In Particular said...

Hi JBLocs, there is no choice, although there often seems to be too many choices, and too much to choose from! Like in the detergent aisle of the supermarket. Thanks for your very sweet feedback.