Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Utterly Simple.

All the traditional and ancient formulas for enlightenment, or whatever we're calling this today, keep the seeker firmly in the seeking and reinforce separation by giving this separate person a whole heck of a lot of things to do in order to "achieve awakening." There is nothing to achieve, and no one to achieve it. Despite whatever the appearance is, this is it. There is no path out of duality for the individual. The individual is only a dream, and anything the dreamer does to get out of the dream reinforces it. This sucks, but there it is. There is already nothing and everything happening, it is oneness despite the appearance of many. Whatever is happening is it. It is already this. The utter simplicity of this can't be grasped with the mind, the mind whose job is to make a story of it all. Despite the appearance, it is the joyful play of life. Despite whatever grave circumstance fills us with despair, this is beauty. There is no one that is filled with despair; there is despair. There is bliss. There is everything. However it seems to happen, there is only aliveness, being this. There is nothing and no one. Whatever seems to be happening is a miracle. You can't see this, but it can be recognised. There can be some reminder, and the mind and the separate self can just give up and die. Everything you thought your life was falls away, and leaves eternity and infinity. It is so simple, it is inconceivable. But there is no getting away from it. This is it.


Anonymous said...

I just had a thought.

You know how the Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/12? It has been described as a shift to "post-history".

Maybe it will be a quantum leap of consciousness, like the hundredth monkey, and the whole planet will instantly understand the reality of non-duality.


No One In Particular said...

It doesn't matter if there's a quantum leap of consciousness or not. It would just be oneness, conciousness-leaping. If the Cern particle collider goes terribly "wrong" and creates a black hole that apparently sucks us all up, it would just be oneness, black-holing. It doesn't matter if apparent individuals drop away and see this. It is all that is, including the not-seeing. There is balance, there must be in apparent duality, so it's likely there will always seem to be those that live in duality and those that see it is one. It is just as it must be, no matter what it appears to be. No matter what, all there is, is this.