Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So Deeply Into The Story.

It's lovely to watch people, to be with them, and see how deeply they are into the story of their lives. They are not only separate, but mighty fond of being so. They crawl right in there, analysing the minutia of their reactions, the quality of their thoughts, and the intensity of their feelings. They work hard to craft and hone their lives so that it gets "better". When it's not so great, they despair and say "I didn't sign up for this". There is a mad scrabble to change what is, because anything not reeking of bliss and contentment is resisted. Great pains are taken to discover their worth. That feeling of unworthiness is a hallmark of separation. In the story, they sense this and struggle to "be a part of" and label their self-consciousness "self-obsession" and take lots of actions to "get out of themselves". It's such a paradox that even the most walled-off, isolating, self-concerned individual is a perfect manifestation of oneness. That realisation of being alone is the most immaculate invitation to see that there is no one, and that they are simply oneness Lisa-ing or George-ing. Each apparent moment fraught with meaning is as meaningless as the most innocuous moment, another blink of an eye. Sometimes, it just seems more energetic than others. But whether an individual thinks so or not, it's all unfolding in flawless wholeness. In fact, it's not even unfolding. It certainly seems to, but it isn't . Those who struggle to "live in duality" miss the point that duality - which is just what most people refer to as reality - is deceptive, fragile, and insubstantial, for all it seems so solid. It reinforces its unreality by its very durability. This is not anything that the mind can grasp, but the mind is better employed negotiating a favourable contract than trying to understand the ineffable. What is clear is that this is what is, this is all there is, and it is beautiful no matter what form it seems to take. If we crawl right into the story or not, there is no choice whether to do that or reject it. It's happening, but not to you.


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I love your considered and eloquent profundities, Oscar.