Friday, 6 March 2009

Who Is It That Grabs Ahold Of Life?

It's strange, when I hear people going on about "being ready to face life" or "getting in there and taking hold of life". Who is it, exactly, that's going to do this? Strangely enough, letting go of your life seems to have largely the same effect, in the story. The results are much the same; everything seems to go a lot more efficiently, there is less fear, worthy goals come up, responsible actions seem to happen, actual relationships with others seem to ensue. Life, the story of it anyway, seems more fulfilling, and less about unworthiness and disappointment. But there are no guarantees, life is always in free-fall, and any notions of control are illusory. Make no mistake - a life that seems wasted, lived in resentment and self-deception, isolation and self-obsession, is a life no less worthy than that of the most altruistic and compassionate saint. It is all oneness, God, consciousness, beingness, or whatever inadequate label we impose on it on Friday mornings. And don't forget it's all just a story. What happens in life, strung together by the mind, is a tiny thing. Even the stories of great suffering in whole populations are just a story. Compassion may arise, actions may happen, the desire to alleviate the suffering may come up, but it is all a story. There is nothing happening, to no one, and what seems to happen is a miracle, no matter what form it seems to take. Funnily enough, the thoughts that seem to arise for "me" are along the lines of: just enjoy it. The manifestation is so complex and interesting, explore it. Of course no one is doing this. But that is what appears to be happening.


Anonymous said...

And appearances are glorious when the no one in "me" lets go.

Thanks for the magnificent comment on my blog.

Infinity = One = Zero.

No One In Particular said...

Dude, you are so welcome.