Tuesday, 24 February 2009

There is No Direction.

There certainly seems to be cause and effect in the appearance of it all, but there isn't. Cause and effect is a product of the mind, and needs time to happen. There is no time. This is it. This is all there ever is, just this. Many things may seem to arise in this but it is just the seeming. Energy moving and jumping around, but not even that. What we are taught is reality is so fragile. The two and the one co-existing is the great mystery that will forever elude the tiny mind, but all there is is more than the mind. It encompasses the mind, it allows everything, it is everything. The greater mystery to the mind is that there is nothing. We seem to exist in nothingness. And that void is fearful to the individual. But there is nothing wrong with fear, there is nothing wrong, there is nothing. The stories seem to play out but they don't, not really.

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