Friday, 20 February 2009

Nothing Happens By Mistake.

There are no mistakes. Even blindingly obvious errors are not mistakes. Some apparent individuals take this and turn it into "Whatever happens to 'me' is not a mistake, so I must alter my responses to the world. It is my reactions that are wrong. In order for everything to get better, so that my life is working, I must choose to respond differently to what is happening. I must adjust my thinking and beliefs. Above all I must accept everything that happens." Even the responses are not a mistake. There is no one who can choose to do anything; there are no separate individuals who have choices, no one has free will and volition. Who is it that would choose? It's either oneness or it isn't. And it is. It is the most difficult thing for the dreamer to acknowledge, this lack of volition. There are a lot of analogies to describe this; we are puppets, we are the flickering images of a film, we are always dreaming. But it's a hard ask, to believe that there are no choices when it seems obvious we make a plethora of choices every day. Those thoughts and feelings that seem to precede such choices are not your own. How can an illusion own anything? They do not come from "you". They happen. Actions seem to happen. But we do not choose them, for there is no one to choose. Even the most energetic outrage at some injustice or other, deep compassion for apparent suffering, noble commitment to a worthy cause, these are not "your" choices. Outrage, compassion and commitment happen. They seem to be choices, but they are not. The death of the dreamer doesn't mean they won't still happen. They will simply be, for no one. Life unveiled is nothing to be afraid of. It is merely more efficient, unclouded by the extra added "me-ing". And it is all divine.


Anonymous said...

Am really enjoying reading your blog. Thank you. Mike.

No One In Particular said...

Apparently, I'm glad for your enjoyment! You're welcome. Suzanne.