Wednesday, 25 February 2009

However Compelling It Seems...

We are so caught up in life. We take it so, so seriously. We have dreams and very seriously interpret them, because our psyche and its revelations must be taken seriously too. There are visions, experiences outside of what we think of as normal reality, and these are taken even more seriously. A chat with an angel is uniquely profound and transforming. Seeing the aura of energy around individuals is lauded as a spiritual coup - by some at least! And in "normal reality", we take our relationships so seriously it causes no end of trouble. We pull our partners aside to hash out issues, to set healthy boundaries, and to have appropriate disagreements with rules about giving a precis version of what the other said before we're allowed to state our side of things (which is often "I feel angry, because you are an unmitigated asshole"). We are especially afraid of death, when the whole thing will end. The lovely merry-go-round of pain and bliss will stop abruptly, and we have to get off. We make up beautiful stories about heaven, or reincarnation, or levels of purgatory so that it never, ever, ever has to end. It has never started. It has no end, or beginning. This is no different from the apparent moment of your death. In that story of life so filled with apparent choices that have so often begotten regret, there is no choice. There is no one to choose. This is the freedom. It is reprehensible to many, especially to the separate individual whose story is about taking responsibility for one's choices. Despite the appearance of choice, no one has ever made a choice. It's either oneness or it isn't. And it is.


Wellness Education Institute said...

Hi, no ONE (in, particular)!

I apparently Love your apparent phrase "It's either oneness or it isn't. And it is."
It is extremely Free-ing when one taps-into the Knowing that duality is an illusion, of sorts.

It's also a re-lief (or was that re-Life) to embrace the idea that duality is often a duel. Your phrase "the lovely merry-go-round of pain and bliss" says It. All.

Naturally, the false sense of separate self (having survival instincts) clings to separation and his "response-abilities."

This Game/Movie/Dream is fun, in a way. In fact, we re-Create our experiences with dueling characters in our games, our move-ies, our dreams, our wars, our relationships, etc., etc.

A key (por moi) is to re-Cognize [during the game of monopoly/golf/love] that it is (Really) just a game, in the Big Scheme of things.

In this illusion, it is comforting (to me) that I can click on your blog ANY day...and I'll be graced with more of your apparent thoughts (particularized electronically inside of this One medium called the internet.

PARTICULARized? ONE? IN? no...
(no one in particular)

Smiles, your USA brother, lenny

No One In Particular said...

Thanks for the comment Lenny, your relentless use of punning initially (apparently) was annoying, but "now" I think it's quite clever. I'd just nitpick that although it may appear that we tap into knowing, or notice resonances between the apparent stories that seem to be a part or "ours", or seem to derive comfort when some concept or other of the mind is echoed, there is actually nothing happening, to no one; no cause, no effect, no meaning. Just an explosion of timeless boundless aliveness. It is its own purpose. A game with no winners, as there is no one to win.

And although "my" story is not really happening, apparently I'm your American sister, although it seems I've been in the UK for 20 years. I'm from South Bend originally. Go Fighting Irish!

Love, Suzanne

Wellness Education Institute said...

Fighting Irish?

with that in Mind... this blog gives a Whole, new meaning to the term "touchdown Jesus."

(joking, of Course)

I graduated from the University of Rhode Island (twice) and then Florida State.

soooo... whenever I comment, you're (apparently) getting the third degree?

I know, I know... THAT was bad. :)
Love ya back, Len