Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Can't Awaken.

The great secret is that there is no one. There is nothing. What seems to manifest is appearance, energy that seems to take shape. Energy arranged into mechanisms - eyes, brain, skin, ears, nose, taste buds - that seem to make it possible for the energy to apprehend itself. This is duality. The object and subject, the labeling and categorisation, all the investigation into how it works, me and you, us and them, God that is separate from us - this is duality, the tool of oneness to gaze at itself. There is nothing wrong with duality. In fact, each atom of it is a miracle, a mystery of perfection. What seems to be and what simply is exist together. I can't awaken to seeing it is all one if I'm still separate. Awakening is death of the seeker, for as long as there is someone looking, what is cannot be seen. An eye cannot look at itself, it is itself. And that is the difference, that is the energetic shift of perception that "awakening" is. The eye no longer looks to see itself, it is itself. And in being itself, in simple being, the veil that has hidden the wonder of it all falls away. I can't awaken, no one can, no one needs to. It is just as it must be. It is very ordinary, yet impossibly splendid.

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