Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Nothing Is Familiar.

Looking at the moon is a new thing every time now. It's a surprise. How did that get there? Whoa. Intense. There is no process really, but if there was, it seems to be deepening. The handrail of our staircase is a new master class in smoothness every time. Our living room, having not been decorated for a decade, is a brand new environment. Where am I? says my mind. And people! My goodness, what encounters they are. What energies they emanate. What bundles of crackling raw life. What newnesses they all are, even those there seem to be many ordinary memories about. It puts me in mind of a recurring joke in our household, based on the quasi-scientific nugget of wisdom about goldfish; apparently, their long term memory only stretches to about 5 seconds. They can never be bored. So the goldfish is swimming along in his bowl, thinking, this is nice. That's a nice fake castle. WHOA! Where the hell am I? Well, this is nice. Oh, look at that lovely fake castle. Let's have a look...WHOA! Where the hell am I? Wherever it is, it seems perfect. What's that over there? WHOA! Where the hell am I?

Everything is a surprise, everything is new. Even the most ordinary things. I have been turned, so it seems, inside out.


Anonymous said...

you are a channel for Oneness and beauty always renews itself, the secret is to see beauty in life and then you can never be a slave

No One In Particular said...

I may seem to be a channel, but that's just the story. Everything is oneness, even someone who appears to reject the whole thing out of hand. You can't get away from what is already everything. There is beauty, there is slavery, they are all oneness. Beauty isn't "good" and slavery isn't "bad". Everything that appears to be happening is oneness. The secret is that what everybody seems to be so desperately looking for is this, whatever it seems to be, including the desperate looking. Everything is our heart's desire, including the idea that we can't find our heart's desire. This is it.