Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Our Virtues Would Be Proud, If Our Faults Whipped Them Not.

No matter how thrilling or painful, blissful or hellish the appearance is, it is only appearance. It is happening, in its infinite extra-ordinariness, its myriad complexity, its tumultuous emotions and dull valleys of ennui, to no one, no matter how much the story seems to be about a singular, special person. It is just happening, but not to you or me. Life is its own purpose, whether it is simple, unfiltered and unbounded, or contracted and boxed in, desperately seeking itself. The goal is met. The dream, or the story, whether it is noticed or not, whether cause and effect (the usual perception) seems to be in play or whether the happenings seem unrelated, uninterfered with by an unengaged mind; no matter how to the point the story seems to be, or how confusing, it is what it must be; and the dream, or the story, far from being dismissed or belittled, can be embraced and cherished. Embracing and cherishing can arise. There is no one to choose any of this. Everything that appears is a meaningless miracle, including thoughts that judge things to be mundane and meaningful. It is an insoluble paradox, inscrutable in its essence beyond any concept, feeling or sensation. There is nothing you can do. And there is so much wonder.


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

and on and on it goes through a timeless time of the unmoved mover.

The timelessness of awareness is infinite. No beginning, no end. Forever: a mundane miracle that can arise as an extraordinary accident.

There is no limit to this, except this not being what it is.

I love reading your pointless words, thought I would add some more pointlessness to it :)

No One In Particular said...

All pointless commentary appreciated, by no one. And by Suzanne, in the cherished and embraced story! I love "there is no limit to this, except this not being what it is." A bit "earlier" in the story, I would have read that, and thought, what a f***ing load of gibberish. Now, it makes perfect sense. Worry arises.

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Indeed, since this is eternal. There is nobody here to control anything and it's all unfolding spontaneously and naturally.

Since there is nobody here to f*** it up *laughs*, it can unfold how it naturally does and since it is eternal, there is nobody here to know where it 'will go', in the appearance of time. Timeless time to unfold its eternal self.

There can be no limit in that and the only limit is it not being what it is: hence everything/nothing, oneness, and the list goes on (whatever label).

Not like any of it does or ever will have a point, but the appearance of a point may arise in this.

No One In Particular said...

These are fabulous words, pointing clearly. However, in the story, I grow tired of saying the same thing over and over! 137 ways to say the same damn thing, none of them able to illuminate the absolute. Oh well.

willie said...

Suzanne - you may have found your equal in Nicholas (Conscious Flex)with respect to the high level of expression you both give to the stupendous Reality which we all are. With six decades of breathing already behind me, my appetite for nondual writing is still voracious. So I hope you don't stop! Willie R.

No One In Particular said...

I am Nicholas! As he is me. Happy to satisfy your appetite.

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

'I' can understand that, it does seem to arise an utter of frustration and tiredness in the fact that it can only be pointed to in a somewhat limited-way through direct pointing (pointing as close to it as possible with words).

However, for the story of Nicholas, he is having fun with it. He seems to enjoy the throw of a big or little story in with the pointing.

Nobody is here to say that this pointing has to come out as direct as possible.

The stories add some juice, fun, and it's unlimited what a story can conjure up.

Not like there is anybody there to decided to add a story to the pointing (I know you never know what is going to be said or typed, it's all spontaneous), but maybe this comment will stimulate an arise of adding a story to the pointing.

Of course 'I' am not saying there is something wrong with frustration and/or tiredness, that is this too.

Wellness Education Institute said...

as a major fan of nonduality, let's not kid ourselves...

if we so much as drink a cup of coffee, we are attesting to the reality of the dual dream.

if you so much as turn the ignition key in your car in order to get from point "A" to point "B," you believe that something besides yourself is going to take you to a place that you aren't.

if you so much as go to a movie or use an alarm clock, you've just paid homage to the time that (in nonduality) cannot exist.

did you eat today? why?

even we who make comments and write blogs have got to admit that we do it for a reason, otherwise we wouldn't DO it.

if we really, Really believed that nobody besides "the One" was all there Is, and that there's nobody else "out there," then there would be absolutely no reason to attempt to communicate with them (via words, e-mail, ect.).

do you think about sex? who, pray tell, are you thinking about having it with?

of course, maybe the Uni-Verse is just Playing with Itself.

although i looooooooove the non-dual approach as much as the next nonperson, i have to admit that the part of me that is writing this believes that there is someone "else" who is going to read it. oooops!

yes, yes, yes, It is All One.

...but we're also here, in the middle of a dual game, and we are all playing as if things "outside" of us matter.

i challenge any of us non-dualers to walk out in front of a speeding bus tomorrow, if we really believe that none of this matters and if none of it is real.

at the dream level, we drink a beer because of the way that it is going to make our dream-body feel.

here, we get to experience a variety of apparent feelings.

if we so much as get out of bed in the morning, put on clothes, and type on a keyboard, then we (at some level) are buying in to the idea that something "outside of us" is real.

that, my friends, is duality.

we can't have it both ways :)

smiles (in dual),

* in Reality, this was never even written, nor will it ever be read, nor does it even matter :)

No One In Particular said...

Hey Lenny, what you describe is the mystery, the insoluble coexistence of duality and nonduality. The mind needs it all tidy. The mind will say, yeah yeah, it's all one, but I've got to make the kid's lunches, they need to get to school on time. Speaking as one who has a memory of running in front of a bus when the appearance looked a lot like hell, that apparent behaviour comes up when meaninglessness is sensed but the individual is still the reality. The difference is, duality can be clearly seen as nonduality. I don't drink a cup of coffee: coffee is drunk. I don't want sex; sex is wanted. I don't "buy in to" the idea that there are separate individuals "out there"; the idea is bought into, by no one. All the thoughts that seem to guide action are not mine, they are gifts. It is plainly and obviously clear that duality is oneness, apprehending itself. What is missing is the sense that anything is missing. The seeker has died, and the character Suzanne is celebrated. There is hunger, Suzanne eats. The character isn't identified with so much. And that ego that still arises, that isn't me; it is oneness, ego-ing. The illusory nature of reality is easily seen through. My conditioning is still apparently there, part of the story, and it's as unlikely that ("these days") I'd jump in front of a bus as it is I'd go postal in my local Marks and Spencers. But some apparent individuals might do either, and speaking as one who works with others in the last stages of desperation, my advice would be to hang in there; the apparent world is always changing, and whatever the extremity of emotion seems to be, it will undoubtedly change. Nothing matters indeed, it is all noise and thrill and cacophony and harmony and peace and order. But despite the existence of apparent choices, there is no one that chooses anything. Choice happens.

Anonymous said...

if all there is is nothing and nothingness then what is the point in writing about it. if there is nothing why do some call it paradise or blizz? that makes no sense. another mind trap. when there is nothing it has no lables, emotions etc. just nothing. like i am nothing and i still know nothing.
you can't write about the nothingness cause there is nothing to write about so why do some write books about it when all the pages should be empty?
is there any point in me writing this. we can all get caught up in semantics and use lingo but in the end no one knows anything for sure even the dualism or non-dualism some talk about. such concepts do not exist either in the nothingness.
go check the definition of nothing in dictionary. everything else is a mood point.

No One In Particular said...

Dear Anonymous, you've hit it exactly. And don't forget, those squiggles in the dictionary are meaningless as well, and don't exist. In the story of your life that seems to arise, maybe someone needs a hug!

Wellness Education Institute said...

(apparently) good stuff!

in regard to:
"But some apparent individuals might do either, and speaking as one who works with others in the last stages of desperation, my advice would be to hang in there; the apparent world is always changing, and whatever the extremity of emotion seems to be, it will undoubtedly change."

this is exactly what i find fun, in the dual/nondual game.

* if we are all One, there is no one who is in any stage of desperation. there is no reason whatsoever to advise them of anything, and whether they "hang in there" does not matter, at all.

* if the character that posts as lenny is typing on a keyboard, then that apparent character has bought into the notion that typing on a keyboard will have some kind of result.

* in duality, these apparent characters do these apparent things because these apparent things make them feel better.

if the character that is lenny eats, and then that same character says that "food isn't real," then the character lenny is but talking a good nondual game, while still playing on the dual game board.

...which is all okay. even if all this is just enter-ain't-ment, it's still the best show in town!


No One In Particular said...

The character doesn't generate anything. The character is the appearance, as are any feelings of "better". My character is not always seeking to feel better; the opposite is often the case. But at any rate, duality is nonduality, nothingness is somethingness, in some form that can apprehend itself; nothing plays at existence. Indeed, the best game in town, whatever it seems to be. And those apparent despairing souls, in the last stages of desperation, the last thing in the world I'd say to them is that it doesn't matter, because caring arises, meaningless, but there.

Wellness Education Institute said...

this is (apparently) gettin' juicy! :)

most apparent beings do things because of how they think they'll feel, based upon the result.

even the apparent masochist will hurt himself because he feels better in self-mutilization than he would if he (apparently) chose not to.

even us apparent caregivers give care because we feel better when we help others feel better.

and we (of course) can sit back and say that nobody is doing anything (while our apparent fingers are typing apparent words), but again, the game is being played out, and we are (apparently) in it.

if my apparent character takes an apparent shower, then he has bought into the idea that (for whatever reason) it matters.

it's all good, clean fun!

((i'll [apparently] sign out of this post now, allowing y'all to clean up the mess i'm apparently making)).

in other words... my apparent self will allow someone else's apparent self to have the last apparent word.
:) lenman

No One In Particular said...

Lenny, the big thingy you seem to be missing out is: no one chooses what "they" do whether choice is part of the appearance or not. I do not do anything. Things seem to happen. Whatever they are. Showering happens, a desire to be clean happens, helping happens, telling people to eff off happens. If there is still a story there about motivation for an apparent individual, that's what happens too; and in the stories, there are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamed of in any narrow philosophy...nothing is wrong with any of it. Now, I'm going to do some work I've been putting off because I'm sure it will make me feel better!

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Lenny, the story of Nicholas has been in 'many traps' in trying to understand what this is and there is a noticing that the trap that is arising for an apparent you, is claiming the illusion as the only side of the coin (all this is one thing, including the illsuion).

Yes this is an illusion, but simultaneously it's real. Real and unreal together as one, it's all one event appearing to be separate.

Just because nobody is here doing anything but still appearing to make choices, don't make the whole thing an illusion. It's a very real illusion and it's a very illusionary realness.

Don't get trapped into the idea that this is just illsuion, it will become (there is no becoming and yet the appearance is there) a very dull and dry existence. It may be fun to explore it this way for now, but the fun will subside (not like that is anybody there to choose to not get stuck in illusion but perhaps this will cause a stimulus response).

Realness and unrealness, are both this. Everything is this, one thing.

The tricky part is that everything is everything and then 'someone' comes along and trys to understand the everything by saying "I am everything" but 'they' are not everything because for everything to be claimed there would have to something outside of everything to claim it (there is nothing wrong with that, that is this too, but this happened 'here', so it's noticed 'there').

Everything is just happening, to nobody.

Anything that happens is based on conditioned responses. If 'someone' has so-called morals, then that is how the stimulus response responses to that situation. It's all condition, the whole appearance is a condition operating based on all conditions. Nature, animals, the world, the universe, all conditioned responses. Nobody is doing it (there is nothing wrong with conditions and it happens in the moment too. Reading this conditioned response if it's bought into will form a conditioned response in 'you')

There is no way around conditioning, ever. However, there is 'a part' of 'you' that is unaffected by conditions. It's never-changing and ever-presently watching all the conditions happen, it's unconditioned. So therefore, this 'part of you' is not happening, it's watching the happenings happen. Both the condition and the unconditioned are simultaneously one. Hence this is real, yet unreal. Same. One.

Sorry to hog up 'your' comment box Suzanne, 'I' had no choice, it's a stimulus response. Even the apparent choice to say "sorry" or not is an conditioned response ;)

Wellness Education Institute said...

semantics, my friends!

we're all saying the same thing, but it appears that some of us are getting apparently hung-up about being "right" about it.

my apparent-self is just havin' some fun, and the relative world lenny re-cognizes that "trying to be right" is a (possible) sign of believing that it matters.


No One In Particular said...

I think this is brilliant. Blah blah blah oneness, blah blah blah taking the story seriously. Words pointing to different concepts, none of them capable of encapsulating what is boundless. But all great fun.

Wellness Education Institute said...

in the end...

jib-jabbing over non-duality turns out to be ONE heck of a DUAL (uh, duel).

sorry. i Really tried to stop (but had no choice).

No One In Particular said...

This is why we love you, Lenny. Almost a rival to the Bard himself, what with the endless punning, the wordplay, yaddah yaddah. A marvelously roving mind.

Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Yes this is all this, you say it and talk about it without even trying because every word is this *laughs*.

Seriousness is this too, that arises. Nothing wrong with any of this, no problem.

We love you indeed Lenny. How could we not? There is no we :)