Sunday, 24 May 2009

Confusion's Cure Lives Not In These Confusions.

Concepts are exchanged, words are minced. Oneness, and the lack of the individual, that unfiltered, full-on living wherein there is no time, no space, no one to claim or own the suffering or joy that arises, and what arises is seen clearly as illusory: this is the aim of this blog and of countless writings and meetings and satsangs that seem to happen more frequently "these days". Some of these words seem to resonate, and some don't. There are many descriptions of awakening; there is correction, by someone who isn't there anymore, when the "wrong" words are chosen; various stages of awakening, enlightenment, and liberation are described, for these things seem filtered by the conditioning contained in the all-important story of the life lived, and none of it means a thing. There are amusing exchanges between "neo-Advaitan" and "Advaita Classic" enthusiasts, and this, though great fun, is meaningless too. There are billions of stories, not just the stories of each life, but the stories each life creates and imagines; the stories are overwhelming, we believe they are the be-all and end-all. Never, never will this blog or any words communicate what is. There is no point to any of it, save its intrinsic value for the sake of itself, its existence, whatever "it" is. Therein lies the miracle, the miracle that is sat on and swum in and lived out in timelessness, the miracle that anything exists at all, and that there are tools to apprehend it, as, in reality, nothing exists. "You" will make of it what "you" will, there is no choice, and there is a lot of energy devoted to shattering the one who claims life, so as to leave simply life, lived, by no one. Yet all of this devotion to shattering the dream and living life "awakened" and debating what methods are correct and which words precisely describe the ineffable is, indeed, just another rip-roaring good story.


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Thanks for the links, that was fun to investigate. Still meaningless, but fun :)

No One In Particular said...

My pleasure Nicholas. I exist only to serve. Apparently.