Saturday, 10 October 2009

Past Cure I Am, Now Reason Is Past Care, And Frantic-Mad With Evermore Unrest.

That intense, ravenous longing, that urgent need to see reality somehow differently than what it is, is the seeker's drive. We are all seekers, in one way or another; all activity is a seeking for consciousness - this life, just as it is - or a desire to come home to pure awareness (which can be called unadorned living) without importance placed on the content of life's story. How we want this! It is desired so strongly. And, frustratingly, we are told there is nothing we can do to make it happen. It's God's will, says Ramesh Balsekar; if its meant to happen, it will, and if it's not, it won't, says Stanley Sobottka.

Yet most of the
bloggers and writers and teachers that seekers ferret out seem to have the (often only implied) goal of facilitating an awakening, even if it's merely to encourage the seeker to stop seeking, or to see that the personality is not what makes the man. Traditional teachers have many methods of stripping away all Earthly desires; more modern teachers encourage seekers to simply see things as they are, thus letting awareness shine through naturally. Sometimes the only action advocated is to "drop" the personal identity.

Well, how on Earth, or very pointedly how not on Earth, does one "drop" the very thing that does the dropping?

Therein lies the frustration. There is nothing the identity can do to drop itself; anything the persona does reinforces its own existence (and misunderstanding) as the seat of being, rather than being an adjunct, or a convenience. If it's any consolation - and consolation is not necessarily the goal either - "after" this seems to happen, the personal identity just ceases to be so important, and the task at hand is tended to very directly. That inchoate, wistful, painful, often all-consuming longing for things to be somehow different - somehow
better - than they are just disappears. There can still be longing, but it is more like longing for the sake of longing; all states, all actions, all feelings, thoughts, plans and goals, exist only for their own sake. But there is no apt description of unfiltered life. It is what we've always done, but have never realised it was so.


Lune said...

Funny all this isn't it? One moment it comes from complete 'ignorance' and the next moment it continues to come from complete ignorance, but it suddenly doesn't matter anymore where it comes from or what the ignorance means to the person apparently feeling ignorant, because what it is, isn't, but it is.

No One In Particular said...

And it can't be gotten wrong. Yay!!!!

Wellness Education Institute said...

"there's a seeker born every minute, and two to take him along the path" - swami beyondananda

it's GREAT fun, getting lost in the Play. it's GREAT fun, re-Cognizing that it's all just for Fun (whether is appears as funny or fun-duh-mental).

"the dualers" gravitate toward Awakening-up, and "the Awakened" can't help but fall back to sleep, and all of THAT might simply be a projection on a Dreamscreen, of sorts.

* even as we appear to be "Awakening," if we find ourselves doing ANY-thing (teaching, writing, eating, movie-ing, comment-ing on a blog, etc.), we have to admit that we're still playing in the sandy box of catterpillardum, with occasional micro-glimpses of butterFlight.

it's like a dream within a lucid dream within a Lucid Dream withIn a... (well, you know...)

it's like when you have mirrors on apparently oppositical walls, and perceive the reflection within a re-Flection within...

sorry. just reflecting. (obviously a dual moment)

Wellness Education Institute said...

ps: Completely LOVE your comment "...and it can't be gotten wrong."

tHere's a LOT of re-Lease in that re-All-i-zation.

thank you, no One!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Len, it's either happening, or it's happening. Whether it seems to be happening to "you" is neither by-the-bye.

Love your convoluted commentary. The story can be just as interesting as you like, ya know. Talking to angels...out-of-body experiences...spiritual healing...why not. It's all the same thing, and don't forget the speck on the hair of the ant is just as miraculous as anything else. The mind swims fetchingly, just trying to grasp the nature of creation. An unlimited sandbox of delights, of every kind!

Wellness Education Institute said...

a verytable smorgasbord of de-Lights!

Lune said...

You make it sound so sexy, even though you turned into a clown again, damned it all, who am I trying to kid? It IS sexy!

No One In Particular said...

Sexy, fleshy, positively viscerally bodacious and tactile...we tend to pooh pooh duality...duality is a gift. From nothing, to no one.

Wellness Education Institute said...

"Yum" (with a Capital "Y")

indescribably, deliciously, sexy. how could it not Be?

...since every-thing is in the busy-ness of expression and re-production.

wIe can be sexy, and still be One,
wIe can be you-man, and still be One,
wIe can be mistake-prone, and still be One,
wIe can be color-full, and still be One,
wIe can Be One, and Still be still

((now, that was moving))


hey, lune (this is soooo cool) re-Member in the move-ie "on golden pond," when katherine hepburn re-Collects one of her favorite sounds, the mating call of the loons?

LIFE, at its very CORE, is dead-on sexy!!!!

i'll stop now,
and let no One clean this up...

Lune said...

It is all here and boy oh boy, no one is enjoying it as much as this no one loving being a somebody.

No One In Particular said...

Lenny, give me your drugs. I know I know, you don't need any!

Lune said...

hi Lenny, you rock.

'Lune' is just a facade, a loon, a wolf who calls to the full moon. It tells me everything I want to know about myself in a single word - madness - when I sometimes forget.

I detect some of that in Lenny too (it's that black T-shirt that does it).

Suzanne, I heard it. Beautiful. You, the show the listener, everything.

Just to remind you.......

My hunches were correct, you talked of nothing in particular but spoke volumes about the everythingness of life, just the way it is, warts (and children) and all.

Far-reaching-ness and sweetness spoke in a gorgeous blend of you-ness.

and 'Gilbert' has a crush on you. Well somebody was going to say it, it might have well arisen here first.

Bring on the Chippendales, that's on topic, right?

I know anxiety still arises, it does in most every ego worth its salt, so from one nobody to another, swelling in the tide of emotion running from here to there and back again - at this moment in time there is definitely a you and you rock!

No One In Particular said...

Hi Lune, your comments give rise to great pleasure.

I wonder - what does this Gilbert look like?

Anxiety is fun now, no one claims it much, lots of energy!

Gilbert said...

Where do these words come from? Where do they go once they have done 'their job' if they actually 'do anything'? Where do these words, any words, register? In a brain? What substance do they have? What substance does the 'I' have? All these 'things' appear and disappear. You have NEVER seen yourself. Where are you seeing from? Where are you?
Suzanne has a nack of expressing 'stuff' without engaging the 'traditional methods'. DIRECT pointing is happening 'more frequently' than it appeared to, in past decades. Many are 'opening up' to their own immediate being - wordless reality. Listen to Suzanne on the Urban Guru Cafe podcast - she is a very welcome guest there. Listening to her may carry some extra 'punch' - rather than just reading 'her words' - Warm regards - Gilbert

No One In Particular said...

Well, their job is to be, and they've "done" it "well".

Thanks Gilbert for stopping by and commenting. Love that hardcore self-inquiry stuff! By God if that doesn't wake 'em up, nothing will! (I AM teasing.)

Love, Suzanne

Rob said...

Wonderful expression Suzanne - both here and at the UGC (complete with 'extra punch'.)

Concepts seem to cancel out concepts... and there it is: '...the shameless obviousness of being'.


Lune said...

the answer to your question - very cute ;)

MikeS said...

"There is nothing the identity can do to drop itself; anything the persona does reinforces its own existence (and misunderstanding) as the seat of being, rather than being an adjunct, or a convenience."

Great rule!

hmmmm....wonder what happens if we break it?


I've got one...what if my identity "drops" your identity? Can I keep my identity if I drop yours? Or will dropping your identity, drop mine, drop yours dropping mine?


No One In Particular said...

*Sigh* Mike, I give up.

No One In Particular said...

Well Lune, no harm in a little window shopping then! And Rob, thanks for stopping by. Even if the concepts aren't perceived to cancel each other out, I guess that's OK too!

Gorilla Bananas said...

A blow to the head is one way of losing your identity, but it has to be delivered with just the right placement and power, or you'll turn into a vegetable with no identity. Desirable things are usually difficult to obtain, that's the tragedy of existence.

Gilbert has a familiar wistful enthusiasm about him. Is his last name O'Sullivan?

No One In Particular said...

GB, I am beginning to think (never a good thing) that it is very possible that you are not taking all of this very, very important nonduality stuff seriously at all!

Gilbert said...

I think we should do another interview soon. Areti will be in touch if not already. So see if you can 'make some time'. In the appearances of things it is worth exploring your 'throw away' attitude to everything. it is amazing how different the expressions of the same THING can be. I remember some years ago having the insight that all the expressions are saying the same THING in several thousand ways.
Everything is valid. it seems that so many seekers get so wound up in beliefs and the same old concepts, it is refreshing to hear a very different 'approach'. Someone says I have a crush on you.
What is a 'crush on'? I know what a hard on is but a crush on sounds a little 'heavy'.

No One In Particular said...

Lune's probably just stirring the appearance up a bit for fun, Gilbert, and I'll thank you to KEEP it CLEAN for whatever's sake!

Be happy to do another interview. My "throw away attitude" is just seeing that everything, whatever the appearance, including the most paradoxical and "evil" things, is oneness in yet another guise. I think that "another guise" pointer is one I stole from Jeff Foster! Thanks Jeff.

A crush on is what comes shortly after a hard on, or so I hear rumoured.

Anonymous said...

Seems like duality is just a creation of bits of our brain. Take them away or damp them down and the effect dissapears and... bingo!

No One In Particular said...

Hey Anonymous, good luck with that.