Sunday, 13 September 2009

Nay, An A' Do Nothing But Speak Nothing, A' Shall Be Nothing Here.

What Should I Do?

Make the fine mind dull.
Do not ask questions more;
For questions blind the mind,
A willing whore,

To any formula of final rest.
The place, the answer, wrought of genius games;
A thrilling meadow of the sunlit quest,
Where senseless sanity will soothe and soar.

Pry the hard heart wide.
Reject not any thing.
For hatred kills, divides.
So, hastening,

Move in the gentle grace of needless care.
The purposeful yet natural way of love;
A constant giving paean of love's fare,
Where all-inclusiveness will Zion bring.

Do nothing at all.
Surrender treasured goal;
For thoughts and actions, as they are,
Are whole,

And flow around the center of all lives.
This is the place, the goal wrought of itself.
All, as it is, is bounty, and it thrives,
With or without the mind and heart and soul.

S. Foxton 2009.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Wonderful lyrics. I'd like to hear them sung to the tune of The sun has got his hat one.

No One In Particular said...

Good thought, but the syllabic cadence is mismatched.

How about "Back In Black" by AC/DC?

Maury said...

Very nice Suzanne. Like it a lot! Thought you were quoting Shakespeare, but alas, you are genius itself!

God bless!

lune said...

nice one x

Andrew said...

You are very, very talented with words. :-)

No One In Particular said...

Andrew, too, too kind. Shame words are so fruitless!