Wednesday, 30 September 2009

And For My Soul, What Can It Do To That, Being A Thing Immortal As Itself?

How can there be anything but this? I know there are thoughts and feelings, children and bill collectors, bosses and boyfriends that make the story in time seem absolutely real. But even the poor, beleaguered, overworked mind can just about grasp no time. All there ever is, is this ever present moment; and in that - this -what is present reality for every individual - there lies the key to the mystery. There lies the secret of man's immortality; the only thing that really exists is now, here. There is no beginning or end to this. Time is a mechanism by which oneness can enjoy and merely be aware of itself; a means by which our senses and are bodies have some voice, a tool so that nothingness can be something, for the mere pleasure of pure existence. If the mind is seemingly not engaged, as is what happens in meditation, perhaps timelessness can be more obvious. But such quieting of the mind is not necessary, although pleasant. Whatever it is that seems to unfold, is the perfect unfolding, the best possible story. When the person it all seems to happen to is no longer the be-all and end-all, the story may indeed seem more efficient, or blissful, or go more smoothly; but there are no guarantees. The story may still be painful, but the pain may be seen as life in the front line, or simply balance; yet again, there is no certainty. There is no better way than the way that is. Everything you have ever been looking for is staring you in the face; and what you have been looking for is what looks.


Crazy Pianist said...

Thank you again for the blunt in-your-faceness that you always put forth. I always have to read your posts two or three times, then roam about, mull over them, have heated arguments with a pretend you. Then I go about my business knowing I'm right and the pretend you is wrong. But in the end you always win. Meditation is blissful, but your message is empowering. Not that it matters, but that's my two cents.

No One In Particular said...

Wow Crazy, feel privileged that anything written by these hands on these keys could be stimulating enough to cause you to roam around your home like a nutcase, having heated arguments! Your two cents certainly matters. (What doesn't?) Thank you so much for your comment. In the story that seems to unfold, great pleasure arises!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne! What a wonderful post. I understand what the Crazy Pianist is saying. I, too, have to read these a couple times myself so that it soaks in. But there's always a smile, like I know a little secret or something. S'good, s'good.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Everything you have ever been looking for is staring you in the face,

Unless a hippo is staring you in the face, which is more than everything you've looking for by a considerable margin.

No One In Particular said...

Hey Gorilla, that's just oneness, hippo-ing. No better or worse than any other apparent happening, but perhaps slightly smellier!

Hey Mike, it's no less than The Secret Of Life! You've know it too, you know. You can't not know it!

Anonymous said...

Curses! Foiled again.

No One In Particular said...

Pardon typo. "You know it too, you know."

One Kind Action said...

You got it sweetie

the secret to living

is to keep the mood up
and don't make anything important


(not even this)

thank you

kiwiyogi said...

Hi Suzanne, do you think that there could be a relationship between meditation and self-realization?

No One In Particular said...

Hey Rhondell, fantastic name. You're welcome!

Hi kiwiyogi, honoured by your visit and question. Well...I suppose there often seems to be some cause and effect around meditation and self-realization. But there is no cause and effect; there is no time; this is wholeness; now. There will never be any future in which realization "will" happen. Awareness is now, always now. Always available, always everything. Meditation may certainly happen, and bring with it a blissful, unfettered state. Yet all states are this. Meditating or practicing other various disciplines to still the mind and unclutter the conditioned being can bring about life-shattering realizations; yet this is a story, the story of realization attained after much work and self-denial. However, all stories depend upon passing time, and there is no time. Just this ever present moment. So, surely there is nothing wrong with meditation towards the goal of self-realization; but liberation is this, now, always already attained.

Whew! Went on a bit there. Thanks for the stimulation kiwi!

Andrew said...

Okay, so it seems that the average reader of your blog is well versed in advaita philosophy and despite knowing better is still enmeshed in the story of being someone.

How do they exfiltrate the sticky story and realize the ever present moment?

No One In Particular said...

Hi Kiwi, I'll do my best to answer you - and so many others, "what should I do" seems to be the Big Question - in the next blog entry.

Mind you, I can only spend so much "time" on it. Going shopping today for the Americans back in London - they need their Frito Lay corn chips and Butterfinger candy bars!